Tiger Woods' Caddie Looping for Adam Scott
By mustang6560 on 6/13/11
Thanks to oober mwfaith1971 for pointing this one out.

Tiger Woods' presence will be felt this year at the US Open at Congressional Country Club even though he is not playing.

Steve Williams, Tiger's long time caddie, will be looping for Adam Scott. The two have been friends for many years and Scott has been in the market for a new caddie since parting ways with Tony Navarro.
"Adam found out that Tiger wasn't going to be playing the U.S. Open," Mark Steinberg said. "He and Stevie have been friends for quite some time and he called and said, 'Can you help me out at the Open?'"

Steinberg said Williams first got permission from Woods.

"I think like anybody else, Steve doesn't want to miss a major, just like Tiger doesn't want to miss a major," Steinberg said.
Wouldn't that be awesomely hilarious if Scott wins his first major this weekend at Congo with Steve on his bag?

The report says Scott got permission from Woods' before asking Williams to caddie, but I wonder how much convincing it took to get Tiger to agree? Steve has been on Tiger's bag for 13 of his major victories so I highly doubt Tiger would be willing to part ways with Steve very easily (and vice versa). But, say Scott wins, what happens then? Does Scott try and lure Steve into new management or does he simply thank him, pay him and continue his search for a new caddie?

Knowing Tiger's killer instinct and his tendency toward privacy, I'm sure they negotiated something in writing ahead of time. I'm just really surprised that Tiger agreed to let Steve caddie for a player who has a legitimate chance of winning the US Open.

If Tiger watches this weekend, I know who he WON'T be cheering for - Adam Scott. Nothing personal, just wants to protect his assets.

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Werepuppie says:
I highly doubt that Williams would ever think of leaving Woods bag.Not even considering personal loyalty'Williams is a millionaire many times over thanks to Tiger.I wonder who Navarro is with though?He was Norman's caddie for many years.
legitimatebeef says:
I think it says something about how badly Scott wants to win, having come excruciatingly close at the Masters. He played so well, certainly well enough to win in most circumstances. I would guess that a lot of guys players love to have Steve Williams on the bag, he's like the Tiger Woods of caddies. Of course it means some extra scrutiny for Scott. But I think he can handle it at this point, and probably he feels totally ready to win a major after what happened at Augusta.
curwinpiper says:
I think Tiger should continue to be private, that includes keeping Willaims to himself. The competition is hard enough without sharing or taking a chance on loseing your best caddie. Tiger and Williams both need to concentrate together and work harder on getting back in contention.
EloraBlue says:
Typical Tiger Woods...can't even comment about his own caddie himself, needs his agent to do it...such a douchebag

This is a big mistake by Adam Scott, all the focus will be on this caddie change...doubt if he'll finish top 20
birdieXris says:
There are whispers that Steve may stay with Scott for the duration of Tiger's rehabilitation. I mean, Steve is a millionaire a few times over thanks to woods, but he still wants to play and stay on top of HIS game -- which is caddying. I think that's a great idea. I don't know if Williams would ever leave Tiger unless things really started going downhill so it's not a bad situation for either IMO.
Banker85 says:
I doubt Tiger cares. I dont see the big deal. If anything i think it will be a distraction to Scott. I dont see the humor in it if Scott wins. If Scott wins (which i highly doubt) why would that mean a 13 year partnership with the best golfer on the planet would end. that makes no sense just people talking out there asses to fill an article. dumb.
Matt F says:
Banker - why, if Scott won, would Woods and Williams part ways? I think their relationship could withstand that quite easily. At the end of the day, Scott needed a caddy for the tournament, Williams was doimg bugger all, so he asked if he could borrow him. Nothing more, nothing less.
Matt F says:
Banker, sorry mate, re-read your post, pretty much what I was trying to say. It's hell getting old.
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