Science Behind the Rough at Congressional
By mustang6560 on 6/14/11
If you're a sports nerd or just enjoy learning about the science behind sports, then I'd recommend checking out ESPN's Sports Science segment about the rough at Congressional Country Club, the site of this year's U.S. Open.

John Brenkus does a good explaining how the rough at Congressional Country Club will be even more challenging than usual. I was reading up on the U.S. Open last week and read about how there are three cuts of rough - an intermediate cut, a first cut and a second cut which could reach as high as five inches!

The more I read about the U.S. Open, the more excited I get. If it could just be Thursday already!

U.S. Open Rough

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Backquak says:
wow, 9 inches, that new groove rule really made a difference didn't it. not that I care but it is interesting to see the effect or lack of effect the rule has made for the pros. they were probably spinning the ball to much and spinning it away from the flag before and now they just stop it where it lands, so they can "aim at the flag" instead of having to "play the break" on they're 100 yard shots.
Trav says:
A while back I played Torrey Pines after a tournament. The rough was 100% IM-possible to do anything other than advance the ball to fairway, yet I had watched the pros hit to the green as though rough was only inconvenient (and locals told us -maybe for effect - rough was worse during the event). It was hard to see the ball in rough, much less hit it cleanly. TGC last week said trick is to be very strong - no kidding. Orthopedic surgeons (wrists) must love this.
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