The Golf Boys Debut Music Video Tonight
By mustang6560 on 6/14/11
Is it possible for something to be the most awesome and the most embarrassing thing you ever did simultaneously?

I guess we'll find out tonight when Ben Crane releases his next video featuring fellow PGA Tour players Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan. The four-some formed golf's first boy band called The Golf Boys and they will be debuting their first (hit?) single "Oh Oh Oh" tonight on the Golf Channel's "Live From the U.S. Open" program. You'll also be able to watch in on and on Ben Crane's YouTube Page.

If Ben Crane's earlier videos are any indication (here, here and here), we can expect great things from "Oh Oh Oh". What I'm really hoping for is golf's version of the Lonely Island Boys. Andy Samberg and his crew mastered the art of musical crossover by combing goofy lyrics with a dope beat. I swear, it seems like every time I go out I hear "I just had sex" by the Lonely Island Boys.

Rickie Fowler was interviewed earlier today about the music video and he said they are just having some fun and being silly. But there's no need to just be a one hit wonder. The Lonely Island Boys are living proof you can have crossover success. Can you imagine going out to your favorite bar/club and everyone is dancing while Bubba, Rickie, Ben and Hunter are rapping?


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Kickntrue says:
This is going to be awesome. That outfit by Bubba is just... /no words.
bkuehn1952 says:
I have been rendered speechless .............................
Banker85 says:
this could be really good or really bad. oh geez.
srogers13 says:
Banker, the proper term is Craptastic.
legitimatebeef says:
rmumph1 says:
"I'm on a boat"
"D**K in a box"
Just to name a few of my favorite Andy Samberg hits.
mustang6560 says:
It was absolutely terrible!
id3st says:
hilarious!!! oh oh oh!!!
gpickin says:
Kinda nuts, not great, but at least they had fun making it, and its for charity.

Reminds me of when Coheed and Cambria did a banjo parody of their song "Devil in Jersey City".

If you know the band, its nothing like them
mizunogolf1 says:
OK some wone get rickie and bubba out of the video cus they shall stick with the tour and rickie you have lost it i loved it thou
mmontisano says:
holy hell....
jrbizzle says:
Clint24 says:
That. Is. Hilarious.
Mandelbaum! says:
To borrow a line from The Dude – "Obviously, you're not a rapper." I'm happy to see them having fun, but the song is simply awful. Extra credit to Hunter for letting the gut fly Will Ferrell-style. And…am I crazy or did Rickie accidentally grab Ben's junk around the 1:30 mark? It looks like he realized it pretty quickly, too. Ha!
bobhooe says:
Should have consulted Samberg or at least have Justin Timberlake help out.
Matt F says:
Banker85 says:
props for trying. that was kinda funny. good to see, i hope thats how they start off the US open, maybe a live show!
drew1473 says:
It is great to see professional golfers, which most people consider robots, out there entertaining fans and having fun. The video is hilarious!
Envythepea says:
It's good fun and it let's you see another side to these guys. I knew Crane was crazy, I've seen Bubba's videos so I knew he was out there. Ricky you can imagine cause he's young. But Hunter Mahan I never would have guessed had such a sense of humor. I love it. Crappy song, but that's okay.
jpjeffery says:
*blankest possible stare*
Duke of Hazards says:
Tiger, Phil, Furyk and Vijay should have a rap off with these guys. Old guard vs. new.
stedar says:
Can't stop laughing - did you watch how they made it - next one along in queue? Was even funnier :-)
Kurt the Knife says:
Fowler should show up at Augusta in them skins.
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