Greens at Congressional Are Stressed
By mustang6560 on 6/15/11
The greens at Congressional Country Club are showing signs of stress after last week's temperatures in the Washington D.C. area reached as high as 101 degrees.

The grass on the fringe on hole 17, in particular, is turning brown and appears to be dying. Take a look.

The USGA stated that they plan to have the greens rolling at 14.5 on the stimpmeter by Thursday, but that seems too aggressive in my opinion. Based on the pictures Stephanie Wei posted, I can't imagine the greens would be able to handle 14.5.

Some players have voiced their concern about the brown spots and dead grass. The greens on the back nine are reported to be worse than the greens on the front. The U.S. Open is the hardest challenge in golf, but you would hate to see someone catch a bad break on something like a dead spot around the green.

The good news is the superintendent is watering the crap out of the greens in the final run-up to the start of the U.S. Open tomorrow. You wonder if they are going to add some green dye to cover up the brown spots that remain or if they will ask the TV to not get close up shots.

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birdieXris says:
14.5 is like glass!! what are they thinking trying to squeeze that much out of already stressed greens? at this point, you might as well just let them die and play on dirt, at least it'll roll consistently.
jpjeffery says:
I just like the facts that
A) There's a way to measure green speed and
B) It's called a Stimpmeter!
gpickin says:
I love the green dye comment.

I think one of the courses in my area runs their water through green dye, because the bottom of my shoes are all green after the last time I played there :)

I think its kinda funny, we play in mudholes etc, and they are worried about a little brown grass on an otherwise PRISTINE course.

I can't wait to play a tpc course just to see what its like to have a great lie 85% of the time.

14.5 does seem a little nuts on stressed greens.
I would hope they water more to get them green than fast.
Trav says:
@gpicken - Green dye is a page from Augusta. If they haven't already, Congo should call someone.
legitimatebeef says:
Muni time!
aarona87 says:
the "green dye" you see is from a fungicide your course uses to prevent or cure turf grass disease this time of year, nobody dyes their irrigation water.
aarona87 says:
also congressional wont be watering the crap out of anything, speed comes from less water in the leaf, they will be maintaining adequate soil moisture content, that is all. They use a sub air system in all of their greens that sucks moisture through the soil. After this rain, they will be on tonight and the speeds will still be up tomorrow. They last thing they want is to have all this water, stress, then heat, leading to disease. The last thing they want is disease, don't be worried about a little brown, the bentgrass can take it. I pretty sure the Giufre knows what he is doing, having been in the business and hosted tournaments in the past.
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