Best Last Minute Father's Day Present
By mustang6560 on 6/15/11

Sunday is Father's Day and if you're like me, you've probably waited until the last minute to get your dad anything and frankly, you've nearly run out of time. Rest assured, we've got your last minute gift ideas right here on oobgolf. A couple are goofy, but the rest are very real and would be great gifts.

Best Last Minute Father's Day Present
  • Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes:
    "The Nike Lunar Control features a familiar saddle design fused with innovative materials and construction technologies found in Nike running shoes. Those key technologies are Nike’s Lunarlon Foam and Nike Flywire. Together they bring comfort and stability solutions to golfers."

    Nike makes great looking apparel and the Lunar Control golf shoes are no exception. The best part is you can find the shoes for around $140, depending on where you shop.

  • SkyCaddie SGX:
    For the ultimate in convenience and reliability, the SkyCaddie SGX can store up to 30,000 pre-loaded, ground-verified course maps making it ready-to-play out of the box with Basic Green information. The SGX boasts a durable, sleek design with a large 3-inch, easy-to-read, transflective TFT-LCD screen that provides brilliant color images even in the brightest sunlight. Nothing Else Comes Close™.

    Now is the perfect time to get dad the SkyCaddie SGX because you'll get a $50 instate rebate! Who doesn't like instant rebates? The SGX is SkyCaddie's top of the line product and it provides unmatched accuracy and reliability and it's by far the easiest GPS rangefinder to use on the market. For only $299.95, it's the most affordable way to help dad save strokes on the course.

  • Tour Striker:
    "The Original Tour Striker is targeted for mid-to-high handicap golfers (10 and above) and slower swing speeds (under 90 mph with driver), while the Tour Striker Pro is geared for dedicated practicers with higher swing speeds and a handicap of 10 or less. The Tour Striker Pro X, with a reduced sweet spot, is for the highly skilled player who wants the challenge of not only leaning the shaft forward at impact, but also having to hit the direct center of the sweet spot."

    If your dad is looking for a training aid that will help him improve as a golfer, then you'll want to check out the Tour Striker. We've talked about the Tour Striker before here on oobgolf and I truly think it is the best training aid available because you get instant feedback. Starting at $100, it's affordable and you can pick a model to fit your dad's current playing handicap.

  • Golfer's Ultimate 6-Pack:
    Michelob ULTRA's partnership with Bridgestone is one of many ways we continue to show our commitment to increasing adult players' experience on and off the course, the Golfer's Ultimate 6-Pack represents the best of both worlds for adult golfers: the perfect ball for the first 18 holes, and the right beer for the 19th."

    This might be the best gift on our list. If you're already planning on picking up beer for your Father's Day golf outing, why not get a sleeve golf Bridgestone golf balls to go with it? For the price of a regular six pack of beer, you get five 12 oz cans of Michelob Ultra and a sleeve of Bridgestone e6 balls. Check your local convenience store or availability.

  • Nike VR Pro Wedge:
    "Each wedge face features more grooves, resulting in cleaner, more consistent ball flight and spin while still conforming to the new USGA and R&A rules. With more grooves closer together and deeper on the clubface, the VR Pro wedge ensures more control and consistency in all conditions off of the clubface."

    Your wedges are arguably the most important clubs in your bag. Hitting the ball in the fairway is important, but if you really want to save strokes you're going to need to sharp short game. For only $119.99, help your dad save strokes with Nike's new VR Pro wedges.

  • SlobStopper:
    "The stain-defending, commute protecting, and stylish SlobStopper™ is available in blue, navy blue, green, black, gray, and burgundy. It's great for you and makes a great gift too."

    If your dad suffers from old age (kidding), you'll want to check out the SlobStopper. While at first glance, you might not think this is a real product thing, it surprisingly is. For only $14.95, it makes the perfect gag gift for dad because he won't know if you're being serious or if you're kidding. Watch the 30 second infomercial.

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Clint24 says:
What do you get a father that is a PGA pro? And spends all day at a golf center?!
srogers13 says:
a life?
falcon50driver says:
imasmartazz +1
Kickntrue says:
I know it's hard to get the whole way down a post this long- but you MUST MUST MUST click through and watch the video on SlobStopper. Hilarious!
mjaber says:
WHy pay $119 for the Nike when you can get the TM xFT for $99?
larrynjr says:
why pay $99 for TM when Terry offers his Eidolon wedges at great discounts all the time?
snkli says:
larrynjr +1
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