Past Champ's Balls Touched in Fairway
By mustang6560 on 6/16/11
Graeme McDowell opened his title defense at the U.S. Open with a solid one-under par 71.

Not a bad start, considering he's only two strokes off the current lead at three-under par while the vast majority of the field is over par.

As the reigning U.S. Open champion, Graeme was paired with the British Open champ, Louis Oosthuizen, and the U.S. Amateur champ, Peter Uihlein. Collectively, the group shot one-under as Louis matched Graeme at one-under and Peter posted a one-over par 72. Overall, it was just another day at the office for the group of past champions (aside from being the U.S. Open). However, things got interesting for a moment on the fairway of hole 8.

As Graeme and Louis approached their tee shots in the fairway, they noticed their balls were literally touching (see photo). I wonder what the odds of this happening are?

I've seen balls side-by-side on the green before, but I've never seen balls touching on the fairway before so I wasn't sure what the ruling was. According to the rules, Graeme and Louis had to figure out who was out (Louis) first, then Graeme was able to mark his ball and move it a club length away. But the catch is, when you mark and move your ball in the fairway, you can't clean it so Graeme had to make sure he didn't touch any of the dirt on his ball.

I foresee a few jokes coming...


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birdieXris says:
Definitely a lot of zeroes in the odds for that happening.
Dazinkster says:
What if it was 1 in 1,347,937? No zero's there ;)
drdetox says:
I never thought that i'd read "touched balls" on the internet and it wouldnt be sexual in nature. First time for everything I guess.
Backquak says:
so they touched balls, decided who was the bigger hitter, marked it and moved it, but didn't clean it.
That sounds pretty dirty. And they did it in the presence of a minor-amateur. Those foreigners are sick.
Peter is a minor isn't he?
elhacker says:
How did you write this and not crack yourself up?

An Irishman and a South African are playing golf. As they're walking down the fairway they notice their balls are touching. The two foreigners ask a rules official for relief. The rules official simply states, "Only if you look each other in the eyes."
birdieXris says:
elhacker +10
bobhooe says:
I haven's seen such dirty balls touching since I stoped following a certain congressman on twitter.
srogers13 says:
We have a Weiner.
Banker85 says:
that's nuts!
wrhall02 says:
@elhacker did his avatar justice.
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