U.S. Open Fans Can Follow All the Action
By mustang6560 on 6/17/11
If you've ever attended a golf tournament before, you know how disconnected you feel only being able to follow the action on one hole.

Some tournaments do allow fans to use their mobile devices on the course to keep track of the leaderboard as long as it's on silent, but not the U.S. Open.

Good news for fans attending this year's event at Congressional Country Club. American Express and FanVision teamed up to offer fans a wireless handheld device called the CourseCast TV, which gives them the viewing power their accustomed to on TV in the palm of their hand. The CourseCast TV offers:
  • 10 channels each of live video and live audio of the Open, including the ESPN and NBC feeds

  • Real-time leaderboard and stats

  • Hole flyovers and maps

  • Live Twitter feed on the Open
Sounds like a pretty sweet device, only problem is I'm not at the U.S. Open. If I was lucky enough to be in attendance at Congressional, I'd totally pick one up. I'm not sure what the cost is, but I'd probably be willing to spend $20 dollars to get one, especially since my cellphone would be considered contraband.


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birdieXris says:
I"m going on sunday. If oob will spot me 20 i'll gladly give you a review. :)
mjaber says:
Would you have been able to see balls touching in the fairway on it?
Kurt the Knife says:
I got one at the Prez' cup.
Total waste of money.
Duke of Hazards says:
does it have a dedicated Golf Boys channel?
birdieXris says:
the thing i found more awesome - and also free, was the headset they gave you when you walked through the gate. it's a dedicated radio earpiece and when you turn it on it had live radio of the tournament (broadcast only good inside the grounds). I liked it because with only a 7 second delay, you would listen to something and know exactly what was going on and rush over to the next couple holes and catch it in person. All the people i saw with the little tvs were basically carrying them around and not watching them.
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