Rory McIlroy Wins U.S. Open at Congressional
By mustang6560 on 6/19/11
I feel privileged that I got to see Rory McIlroy bounce back from the nightmare that was the back nine at The Masters by shooting a six-under par 65 in the first round of the U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club.

I feel privileged that I got to see Rory McIlroy make history on Friday by setting multiple U.S. Open records with a five-under par 66, including hitting 13 under for the first time in the history of the U.S. Open.

I feel privileged that I got to see Rory McIlroy continue to set records on moving day with solid three-under par 68.

Finally, I feel privileged that I got to see Rory McIlroy win the 111th U.S. Open by shooting a record 16-under par. The U.S. Open is supposed to find the most complete player and I can say with complete confidence, we saw the best, most complete player in Rory McIlroy. I guess the USGA might have to Rory-proof the course before the 112th U.S Open at The Olympic Club in San Fransisco next year.

After losing The Masters in April, Rory said everyone has a bad day on the golf course. But his just happened to be on the most important day of his career. But this time, after leading a major for the first three rounds, Rory was not to be denied. At The Masters, he hit an errant tee shot on hole 10 that was the start of his meltdown. Today, on hole 10 he stuck his tee shot to less than two feet for an easy tap in birdie. From there, it was smooth sailing for Rory.

Rory set 12 records with his victory, but if you're a stat guy, I've got the best one for you. Rory McIlroy was four months younger than Jack Nicklaus was when he won his first major. So in theory, Rory is currently on pace to beat Jack's record of 18 major titles. OK, so it's a little early to be talking about Rory breaking records, but he definitely has the moxie to do it.

After a brilliant start on Thursday, followed by three more stellar rounds, many of Rory's European counterparts including Padraig Harrington started to make the comparison the young Northern Irishman and Tiger Woods. Again, it's a little early for this kind of talk, but Rory has all of the intangibles to be the next great golfer. He's got the game, he's got the brains, he's got the swag and he's got the humility to be great.

Only 25 days until the British Open. Anyone else counting down the days?

Rory McIlroy Wins U.S. Open

photo by thatautguy

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coojofresh says:
rory is really good. hope he starts his run at the majors soon & becomes the newness.
chief_broom says:
Not another "Tiger Slam"!?! If only Rory had held it together on Sun at the Masters...
Trav says:
I foresee some epic contests between him and Jason Day, among others, before too long.
TeT says:
Question... didnt he finish Friday at 11 under? Why did they keep saying 13 under record Wonderful WOW about Friday? The 11 under was simply fantastic (simply pointing to 2nd place 4 day total of 8 under cements that) and I am not questioning that or Rory's performance. Just niggling (verb see definition 2) on the announcers and their talking to hear themselves in the microphones. Going by their 13 under on Friday, my best round ever was 1 under par after starting Par Par Birdie... Just annoyed me
Agustin says:
@ TeT: No one had ever been at 13 under in the US Open at any point in the tournament. After its all said and done the record is now at 17 under at any time in the tournament and at 16 under as the final score.
TeT says:
Oh, I understand that... But golf is about the round and always has been...

BTW: He made that -16 look mundane. Good strong fundamental golf with nothing fancy needed.
bducharm says:
Good going Rory - he really seems to have it all together. Good kid, good head, good heart (trip to Haiti with UNICEF), very together!!! What a golf swing!!!
elhacker says:
Atta Boy!
Neo says:
congrats to Rory! (Tiger who?)
RJSchuchman says:
+1 bducharm!!

He seems to be everything Tiger isn't, which is nice....
Torleif Sorenson says:
...and the challenge is for him to STAY that way. From the looks of it this evening, he probably will.
NavyDiver says:
That performance this week was really good for the game.. well done Rory
birdieXris says:
what a great day for golf too. the rain held off and i got to see a host of golfers play a really great golf course. I don't know if anybody saw Kevin Streelman take an 8 at the last hole (probably wasn't on tV at that point) but he dumped it where Rory did on saturday, but proceeded to chip it in the water again, taking an 8 on the hole. Just shows where rory's head was even then to make it to the fat of the green and make his putts. he deserves the W.
falcon50driver says:
One win and he's the new king. Last week everyone was fawning all over Luke Donald.
Paolo says:
Did anyone else notice the two dudes waving the Irish Tri-Colour as Rory left the 18th for the scorers hut. One even tossed his towards Rory.... completely the wrong flag fellas... a whole heap of political faux pas there.

Not sure on the BRITISH open... Bring on The Open Championship though...!
Matt F says:
@Trav - absolutely agree. GC said if it wasn't for Rory, Day would be the big story. Good to see Rory shook off the Masters disaster.
oobscott2 says:
What was great about the final round and him was he just hit quality shot after quality shot. He showed no let down and it was really entertaining to watch (even though the tournament was already over after Saturday)
Kickntrue says:
@Paolo- i noticed that too. also notice by the next shot- the flag had completely disappeared.
dartboss04 says:
i'm happy for rory...he seems like a great guy...i thought it was a very boring open don't mind seeing greatness once in awhile blowing the field away, but the weekend was pretty much a got to see good golf, but the intensity was non-existent...

also was disappointed in the amount of golfers under par...i know it's arbitrary and the golfer with the least strokes won, but this is one weekend where i want to see the pros struggle and scratch their heads a bit...conditions were just too good for the 4 days...
Banker85 says:
the course was softer then they had hoped but if you take Rory out of the equation the best score was -8 that is not that low for 4 rounds. It was great for the game I really hope this kid doesnt get to complacent now that he has won a major. Tiger and Jack had goals and a fire to be the best and set and break records. I dont know if Rory has that drive inside him like Tiger or Jack. It was nice to hear him say he wanted to emulate Tiger, i hope tiger took that as a compliment, I thought it was a very classy thing to do. Rory now needs to join the PGA tour and play in the USA were he will become a Superstar!
legitimatebeef says:
@banker: 8-under is pretty low for a US Open total. That score wins every US Open in history except for this year's and Tiger 2000.
ToddRobb says:
I thought it was great to see a dominate performance. I do also think that all this talk about the kid is a bit premature. I see him being more like Phil than Tiger. He will most definitely win more majors, but I also agree with Banker85 that he doesn't seem to have the "fire" of Jack and Tiger.

As far as the tournament goes, it was an embarrassment for the USGA. The U.S. Open is traditionally suppose to be the toughest tournament of the year, tee shots into the rough meant you could not go for the green and expect it to hold, they were hitting shots out of the rough to greens with no fear. Even par or a few under was considered a good score, there were 20 players with below par final scores, you can best believe the USGA will be better prepared next year.
stedar says:
The way Rory played is what captured my attention. No lucky shots - just solid golf. He kept the ball in play, even when not in the fairway, his next shot allowed him to get up and down and make par. Putting was online, and a couple that did slide by, were just unlucky breaks. I'm not sure if it is fair to compare his game to Phil, Tiger or Jack - he seems more competent and less flare. He does not rely on a great shot to play under par, just solid golf all round. The biggest lesson is that he does not hit the furthest on every hole, not the closest to the pin on every approach - but keeps his ball on the course and gives himself a chance at birdie on most holes.
Tigers game on the other hand is great TV, he seems to be able to pull out great recovery shots when in trouble. Personally, I'd like to play like Rory, stay out of trouble and get a chance at putting for birdie on most greens :-)
homermania says:
ToddRobb says:
One thing that was getting annoying was how often Tiger's name kept coming up for various reasons. Rory is going to be his own man, he's not even a member of the tour(yet). I just think he's too nice of a guy to want to destroy his competition EVERY time he tees it up the way that Jack and Tiger did. He will no doubt win many times on tour, but I don't think he will threaten Jack or Tiger's major records.
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