Shane McMahon With Rory McIlroy's Dad at U.S. Open
By mustang6560 on 6/21/11
Anyone else think it's weird that Shane McMahon, son of the WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, is hanging around Rory McIlroy?

At the Masters, Shane was the first person to greet Rory after his collapse on the back nine. And at the U.S. Open on Sunday, Shane was spotted with Rory's dad Gerry as the U.S. Open champ finished the 72nd hole at Congressional Country Club.

Shane is on the board of directors for the management firm that represents Rory (International Sports Management), which at least explains why the two have any connection. But, it doesn't explain Shane's fascination with the young Northern Irishman.

I like Rory, I think he's a talented young golfer who has the ability to possibly eclipse Jack's record on day (or we might be saying Tiger's record soon enough). But, he better be careful who he associates with. What could a friendship with Shane McMahon possibly offer Rory besides tickets to a wrestling match?

I've never been a fan of "pro" wrestling or the McMahon family. The McMahon's just seem like a shady family, so I would wary if I were you Rory. Now that you're a major champion, you're going to have people coming out of the woodwork to try and be your friends. Don't let your guard down and get taken advantage of personally or professional. U.S. Open champs are better than that!

Shane McMahon at U.S. Open

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Kickntrue says:
IT'S REAL TO ME MUSTANG! How dare you...
TeT says:
I think Mr McIlroy could take Shane McMahon.
SD Charlie says:
WWE is headquartered in my hometown of Stamford, CT. Back in high school I saw Vince McMahon and one of the wrestlers out riding bigass motorcycles. I waved and gave them a thumbs up and Vince flashed a big smile. All the on-air stuff is acting, they're just normal people in real life. I'd say Shane-o-Mac is looking to represent Rory, and score him some more big deals. He's young, talented and endearing. He'll be bright star in Golf for years to come.
Shallowface says:
Mustang, if you would put your prejudice against pro wrestling aside and look at the story of how Vince McMahon has accomplished what he has, you'd see he is one of the greatest businessmen this country has ever produced.

Sure he's had his setbacks, like the XFL, although the biggest factor in its not getting off the ground was the public's pro wrestling prejudice.

Everyone talks about how fake pro wrestling is. It's an old reference, but all of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were fake too. Everything Hollywood produces is fake. Reality TV has stolen most of its "style" from Vince McMahon, yet people have no problem lapping it up.

Shane McMahon is a savvy businessman in his own right and a chip off the old block. It's great for Rory to have someone like Shane in his corner.
falcon50driver says:
Whoa ! And I thought "Pro Wrestling" was a crock, guess I was wrong.
elhacker says:
Let me tell ya something Mean Gene! RoryMania is runnin wild! To all my little RoryManiacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong!!! Whatcha gonna do when Rory McIlroy runs wild on you?
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