President Obama Is Campaigning on the Golf Course
By mustang6560 on 6/21/11
Was President Barack Obama's recent "Golf Summit" with House Speaker John Boehner and friends all a big ploy to help raise money for his reelection?
Recent news stories have indicated that Obama’s reelection team is implementing plans to win back powerful donors who abandoned the president after he took a hard line against Wall Street in the wake of the financial collapse. Last week’s high-profile golf match, which was shrewdly timed to coincide with coverage of the U.S. Open tournament at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland, might have been part of the president’s new initiative to recapture affluent benefactors.
Politics aside, I think Obama is smart to campaign on the golf course. Growing up, my uncle encouraged me to stick with golf because he said it would open up doors you can't access anywhere else. He told me that some outrageous percentage (I don't remember the number) of all business deals are finalized on the golf and if you could learn to play golf with a fair amount of ability, people would want you to play golf with them. Clearly, you can be successful in your professional career without being a good golfer, but being decent at golf doesn't hurt.

If I was Obama, I'd be campaigning hard on the golf course right now, especially because the Republicans have failed to identify an official front runner. Obama has a golden opportunity right now that he needs to capitalize on. No sense in wasting valuable weekends between now and next year's national party conventions.

I would strongly encourage y'all to read this article. What we see on the surface is only the tip of the political iceberg. I think it provides good insight into why sometimes politicians fail to live up to our expectations. They often times are forced to compromise their convictions in order to get reelected. I'm not saying it's right, but politics is what it is. You get voted into power because of the masses, but you stay in power because of the rich.

Beyond Golf, Gentlemanly Ways President Obama Can Court the Rich

photo by jurvetson

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Matt F says:
I thought this site was about golf.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Still a long time before the general election. Anything can happen. By the way, didn't Obama tout in 2008 that the large sum of money in his campaign coffers came from the $5 & $10 donations from his "grass roots" movement? I knew that was BS from the get go. How's that hope & change working out for everyone?
Banker85 says:
Ya i dont think any deals get closed on the golf course. Deals get takled about but not finalized. I think being good at golf has helped my career to some extent. I think you may have open a can of worms here mustang sally.
elhacker says:
We don't need no stinkin political/ideaological battles on good ole oobgolf.
wrhall02 says:
Politics suck...I don't like Oob opening the door for the ideologs to come out a preach their party lines. Both parties are cheeks on the same ass.

I again vote that Oob leave politics to other sites.
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