Over/Under on Rest of 2011 for Tiger Woods?
By mustang6560 on 6/23/11
Tiger Woods announced yesterday on Twitter that he is skipping his own tournament - the AT&T National - next week because of "doctor's orders", but he said he'll be in attendance at Aronimink Golf Club as host.

The PGA Tour is half way through and Tiger's return to competitive golf is still unknown, which naturally begs the question, "What is the over/under on how many events Tiger will play in the rest of 2011? Ryan Ballengee posted on Twitter yesterday that he thinks the over/under is three.
I'll set the Over/Under on Tiger Woods events on PGA Tour for the rest of 2011 at 3.
Are we counting the FedEx Cup Playoff in our bet? The FedEx Cup Playoffs would give Tiger an extra four events this season, which changes how I would bet.

Tiger is definitely running out of golf this season so part of me wants to bet the under. Plus, I highly doubt Tiger is going to be ready by the British Open because I just can't imagine he'd skip the U.S. Open and come back for Royal St. George's. If he misses the British Open, then all that's really left for him the PGA Championship in August. By that point in the season, he might as well skip it and just call the 2011 season a wash, rest and come back out firing on all cylinders next season.

If we aren't counting the Playoffs, then I would think about betting the under. If we are, then as a betting man I'd have to bet the over.

What do y'all bet?

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birdieXris says:
Under. Mostly because i think he'll try to come back and end up re-injuring himself - again.
mjaber says:
I'd say under... because I don't think he will qualify for the playoffs.

I don't see him playing the 2nd tier events before the playoffs to try and get enough points to make the playoffs and I don't see him playing in the "silly season" after the Fedex Cup.

I wonder, if he's healthy, will he be given a spot on the President's Cup team.
birdieXris says:
@Mjaber- i think he would have to do something amazing, like win on his next start in order to be given a spot on the Pres cup team. he did well, but unless he can show that he's healthy AND can play well i don't think they'll take a chance at having him show up hurt or not be able to show at all.
Banker85 says:
I would say under. I dont know if he would even make the playoffs currently 107th. Maybe the Bridgestone and PGA. I say he should just get healthy and get his mind right. Come back in 2012 ready to play with no excuses.

I thought AT&T dropped Tiger so why is he still the Host?
Banker85 says:
Granted Tiger is not the killer he use to be with the lack of strong american players i wouldnt have a problem with him on the Pres cup team if he gets asked and is healthy enough to play. but why take the chance of re injuring himself. No one wants to see an unhealthy Tiger struggle, atleast i dont.
mjaber says:
@Banker... he's the host because the tournament benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation.
Trav says:
Technically, Woods is not the host.

"AT&T remains as title sponsor of the tournament, which Woods has hosted since it began in 2007. And the net proceeds continue to benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation." sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=5341108

So he has a tie-in to be there, but is not the official "host." Whatever that means.
TeT says:
Am curious to see what he does when he shows up both healthy and with his head on straight. That has not been the case since end of 09' & we wont see him until it is all intact... If he takes a powder on the rest of the year it would not be too surprising...
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