Dustin Johnson: European Tour is "Possibility"
By mustang6560 on 6/23/11
Dustin Johnson is one of three Americans in the field this week at the BMW International Open in Munich, Germany.

During a pretournament presser, Dustin was asked if he'd ever considering take up dual membership with the PGA Tour and European Tour. Silly, European reporters, the answer is clearly no.
When asked if he was thinking of joining the European Tour, Johnson said, “I have to play three more events (in Europe) but yeah, it’s a possibility. I have fans here, so it’s nice to come and play for them.

“My first few years on tour I didn’t really travel and this year I want to play a little more international,” Johnson told Reuters on the eve of the Munich tournament. “I’m going to probably continue to play a few events every year overseas.”
Wait, what!?!

I thought European players were supposed to come to America to play golf on the PGA Tour, not the other way around? For all of our European oobers, I'm only being a little serious.

Even though it's only a "possibility", the fact Dustin is considering the idea of maintaining a dual membership is huge. I've only been actively engaged with professional golf for a few years now, but I think it's safe to say it's not very common for top American golfers to hold dual membership on both tours for a couple reasons. First, traditionally the money has been better on the PGA Tour and second it's physically and mentally challenging to do so. The PGA Tour mandates its players play 15 events a year and the European Tour now mandates 13. That's a lot of traveling. Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood declined to keep their PGA Tour cards because of the commitment.

While I don't think Dustin Johnson will start a trend if he joins the European Tour, I like the idea of American golfers going overseas and winning tournaments on foreign soil. Plus, I think it would help someone like Dustin grow his personal fan base and I think the grind will certainly help him improve as a golfer.

Dual Membership: Dustin Johnson to Consider Joining the European Tour

photo by Keith Allison

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Banker85 says:
I think he is just being poilte to the silly euorpean reporters.
mjaber says:
Why not? If he can pull it off and play enough on both tours to keep both memberships? Imagine if he were to win the Fedex Cup and the Race to Dubai...
Clint24 says:
They need to start winning some big tournaments here first...
sepfeiff says:
Easy when you own or share a private jet. If any other young marquee players start talking about playing overseas you can bet that its on. They will share the large expenses and invest some travel time in what is really a marketing and promotions effort.
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