Performance Bonuses About to Kick In for Rory McIlroy
By mustang6560 on 6/24/11
Rory McIlroy is poised to become a very rich man.

Not only did the young man from Ulster receive a cool $1.4 million for winning the U.S. Open last week, but Rory is set to cash in on his performance bonuses from his sponsors.

The exact amount is unknown, but if Retief Goosen's financial standing after winning the U.S. Open at Southern Hills in 2001 is any indication, Rory's victory is about to become a whole lot sweeter!
Add it all up and Goosen, almost completely unknown before the Southern Hills breakthrough, was assured in the neighborhood of $920,000 before he made a dollar in on-course earnings, not including and performance-related bonuses that might have kicked in.

That's a nice neighborhood. This was in 2002 dollars, for a charisma-challenged player who generates only moderate excitement among fans, mind you.
If you adjust for inflation, Rory's superior talent level and stronger fan appeal, I would say he's set to receive an additional $2 million THIS year. Overall, I would be willing to be his endorsement deals will jump by $5 million over the new few years. I can't imagine what he'll make if he wins the Open at Royal St. George's next month (that was for Banker85).

Personally, I like the way Nike sponsor's its staff players. The only logo you'll find on is the Nike swoosh. I think it's clean and simple. I don't like the golfers who look like a walking NASCAR driver with a million logos. If I was Rory, I'd try to find one sponsor - like his ideal Tiger Woods - and keep things real.

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Banker85 says:
Holler! Thanks for the shout out! I hope Rory does the same thing and dominates the Open. Ca Ching$

On a side note, I have only been out golfing 3 times this year so without OOb I think I would be going nuts right now, so thanks. I am playing in a scramble next week with a Futures Tour player. Maybe she will be Future Mrs. Banker85!
mtgolfidiot says:
Rory Mc deserves every penny. However, he is rapidly approaching the WBS (Westwood Billboard Shirt) overload point. Having multiple logos on your shirt looks tawdry. It also seems to be more prevalent in Europe. Does anyone purchase a product/service because Rory/Lee/Graeme sports a logo on the back of their shirt?
mustang6560 says:
@Banker85- NP! Depending on how well it goes, you may need to write a guest column for us...
bobhooe says:
I would like to see him in Fila branding. They purchased Acushnet and he already plays Titleist clubs, shoes and balls.
colbymark says:
@bobhooe - not to mention how retro it would be to be sponsored by Fila! Anybody else used to have a pair of these?
Agustin says:
@ colbymark: No wonder Grant Hill tore up his ankle, or was it his knee? Anyway, it was surely because of his footwear.
jwilder78 says:
@mtgolfidiot Ha, you cracked me up with the WBS. As I was reading the article, that's exactly the image I had in mind when they mentioned the walking Nascar driver.

Another thought, what the heck is Jumeirah, anyway?
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