Steve Williams Will Continue Caddying for Adam Scott
By mustang6560 on 6/24/11
Since Tiger Woods is still on the golf equivalent of the IR (injured reserve), his caddie Steve Williams will continue to work with Adam Scott. The Aussie has been searching for a new caddie to help him get over the hump since parting ways with Tony Navarro earlier in the year.

But, Tiger need not worry about Steve defecting permanently. According to Scott, Steve is a good friend and acts as one of his consigliere's (see The Godfather for definition).
“He is Tiger’s guy and that’s how it is,” Scott told the Washington Post last week. “He’s been a good friend to me, a bit of a confidant in my career. I thought it would be worth a call seeing as I’m between guys at the moment. I’m glad he hopped on a plane and came over — got to make the most of him.”
Steve caddied for Adam last week at the U.S. Open at Congressional after receiving Tiger's blessing. But, even having Steve on the bag wasn't enough to get Adam to the weekend. Adam shot a five-over 74-73 and missed the cut by one stroke.

Adam's next scheduled start is the AT&T National next week and guess who will be there? Yup, Mr. Tiger Woods himself. Did someone say cat-fight?

I don't think it would be much of a fight - all Adam would need to do is kick Tiger in the knee and it's game over!

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photo by Keith Allison

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Banker85 says:
That would be a good fight, I would have to take the Aussie but on the other hand Tiger probably has a lot of frustration to take out... IR?? how about the DL (disabled list)
brian575 says:
Adam over Tiger, now that is funny. Do you remember that Tiger played golf ON A BROKEN FREAKING LEG. Tiger's game may not be what it used to be, but I doubt there are a handful of tougher players on the Tour.
homermania says:
Tough golfer, yes, but I would take the Aussie in any hand to hand fight.
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