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Thomas Levet's Celebration Injury
By Kickntrue on 7/6/11
42 year old Thomas Levet broke his shin jumping into a lake to celebrate his French Open victory on Sunday.
The former Ryder Cup player has a cast on his leg as a result of his exuberant celebration at the 18th hole at Le Golf National on Sunday, ruling him out of the Scottish Open starting at Castle Stuart on Thursday.

The 42-year-old Levet's management company, IMG, says he is receiving "intense treatment to the fracture" and will consult with a specialist this week in a bid to make the Open.

Levet leaped into a lake after beating England's Mark Foster and Dane Thorbjorn Olesen by a shot, ending his 25-year wait to win his home championship.
Okay- so I realize most are going to focus on the fact that he broke his shin celebrating- but I'm going to gloss over that and chalk it up to bad luck and focus on the fact that the dude may playing in the freaking Open Championship NEXT WEEK?! Seriously- who is his doctor (the same as Albert Pujols' I suppose)?!

Seriously though... must suck for him. He'll have only the comfort of his $804,000 winner's check if he can't play.

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falcon50driver says:
(not my comment) This is just an example of what mt comment might look like if I had an opinion on the subject.
homermania says:
Is it appropriate anymore to tell someone "break a leg" when wishing them good luck?
Envythepea says:
@homer - I think that's only for the theatre where the odds of actually breaking anything are slim!
meatball413 says:
@envy - unless the theatre production is spider-man on boradway...chances of breaking a leg are pretty high lol
Banker85 says:
I still dont understand how he broke his leg? He jump of a bridge? Jump on a rock? 42 year olds dont recover that quick. If he shows up at the Open I guarantee he wont make the cut.
aaronm04 says:
French people. LOL
SD Charlie says:
More evidence that people shouldn't be jumping into shallow bodies of water. Sheesh!
Paolo says:
He's officially withdrawn now.
ToddRobb says:
Stacy Lewis' mother tore a leg muscle while accompanying her daughter on a jump into Poppie's Pond when she won the LPGA's Kraft Nabisco Championship, how these people go jumping in ponds all willy nilly is a mystery to me.
EloraBlue says:
I feel bad for Thomas, he didn't deserve that. However, I play a lot of different courses, some pretty swanky ones too, and I wouldn't jump into any pond on any of them ....stagnant pools of goo
mjaber says:
I thought Stacy's mom broke something, also.
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