Golfers ARE NOT Sexy
By mustang6560 on 6/29/11
BREAKING NEWS - Golf is NOT a sexy sport!

In a recent Quirkology survey, 6,000 men and women were asked what forms of exercise do they find attractive in a member of the opposite sex and golf didn't fair. Only 13% of women find male golfers attractive and only 18% of men find female golfers attractive.

Guys, if you really want to impress the ladies, then ditch the links and take up some form of extreme sport. Of the 15 sports listed, women find climbers (57%) and extreme sports (56%) to be sexiest forms of exercise while golf and aerobics were ranked last. Ladies, if you're looking to find romance, then you should engage in aerobics (70%), yoga/Pilates (65%) or "going to the gym" (64%).

What do the results mean?
Women’s choices appear to reflect the type of psychological qualities that they find attractive – such as bravery and a willingness to take on challenges - whilst men are more shallow, looking for a woman who is physically fit but not challenging their ego by being overly strong.
Tiger Woods is the exception. Clearly, many, many women found him sexy despite the fact that he is a golfer...

But, the results make sense. Golf is not an inherently dangerous sport - there's no contact, there's no real risk of dying, and it's hard for non-golfers to appreciate the bravery of some golfers who take huge risks by "going for it" on the course.

Despite the "not very sexy" label golfers get, I think most guys play golf to get away from members of the opposite sex. I'm not married yet, but I've been told the golf course is a sanctuary for married golfers. It's a place to escape the wife and kids and enjoy some bro-mance. So if anything, the fact that women don't find golfers sexy only helps keep women from being interested in hitting the links with their significant other.

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photo by bugeaters

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guzzlingil says:
there are ALOT of sexy ladies on the LPGA tour.....................IMO!!!
Kurt the Knife says:
They just haven't seen me play.

legitimatebeef says:
"Aerobics"??? Is this a survey from the '80s?

Also, "bromance": I wish you wouldn't use that word, ever.
Envythepea says:
"Golf is not an inherently dangerous sport - there's no contact, there's no real risk of dying..." You obviously have not played some of the courses that I've played!
dottomm says:
Please please please don't use "Bromance." I don't care that were all guys here. It's the stupidest word ever.
bstacy1974 says:
"Golf is not an inherently dangerous sport..."
Hazards for me are not just sand, water or out of bounds. Bears and moose frequent our courses. I had to yell at an arctic fox two weeks ago to get off the tee box.
mustang6560 says:
@bstacy1974- Are you allowed a shotgun as your 15th club?
Banker85 says:
Just got back from my futures tour pro am and played with Carling Coffing. She is sexy! I thought i was lucky just to get to play golf instead of work today but playing with her was the icing on the cake! I will upload the pic tomorrow.
mustang6560 says:
+1 for Bank!
Backquak says:
+1 banker indeed, I voted for her in that men's health bracket
bstacy1974 says:
@mustang- It's Alaska. We can carry whatever we want! :)
billbadaz says:
for every 1 hot golfer on the LPGA, you have 5 that got hit with the ugly stick.
mjaber says:
What do you mean golfers aren't sexy? What about John Daly in nothing but Slix?
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