Tiger Woods' Beard Facebook Page
By mustang6560 on 6/29/11
Do we need to start a Facebook page for Tiger Woods' new beard?

Lucas Glover's beard has a Facebook page. If the beard of a one time major champion has a Facebook page, then I think the beard of a 14 time major champion deserves one too.

I'm not sure what the Facebook etiquette is here, so I took the initiative to start a Facebook page in honor of Tiger Woods' new beard.

I want Tiger Woods' Beard Facebook page to go viral! Help me get the recognition his beard deserves by liking the page now.

Tiger Woods' Beard Facebook Page


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HotBacon says:
It was funny when Lucas Glover's beard had a twitter account. At this point it would be unoriginal.
TeT says:
ditto Bacon....
oobk says:
I was reading the local newspaper today. The first sentence was something along the lines of, "Tiger Woods is no longer using crutches, a walking boot, or a razor." Haha.
Matt F says:
+2 @Bacon
mustang6560 says:
SI Hot Click just linked Tiger Woods' Beard Facebook Page:

Jattruia says:
Yeah, i cannot support this either. Now it's unoriginal. What's next, a page for Lou Begas mustache?
SweetJazz says:
Are we that bored? Go play some golf!!!
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