Rory McIlroy's Not Scared of Tiger Woods
By mustang6560 on 7/1/11
Anyone catch Rory McIlroy on Piers Morgan last night?

I didn't watch Piers show last night, but I did see this clip of Rory talking about Tiger Woods. Now that Rory is a big shot and all, he's going to be all over the news for the foreseeable future.

I hope for Rory's sake, he doesn't have to answer questions about Tiger every time he has an interview with someone in the media because eventually, he's going to end up sticking his foot in his mouth. Tiger is going to play again, he might not be the same player but he still has game left in him.

It's easy to say you're not scared of Tiger Woods when Tiger hasn't been playing lately. Wait until you're paired with him on Sunday at The Masters and then tell me if you're scared.


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dartboss04 says:
i thought he responded perfectly...just give tiger his credit, say that you are going to play your best, and that's it...i don't think calling anyone out is ever the way to go in golf...
birdieXris says:
I think when the two meet and Rory get's spanked, then there's going to be some "i told you so" going on. However, i don't think that's going to happen. I think when the two finally do meet it's going to be a great show. Rory has some time before Tiger comes back and even more time until Tiger regains his form. If McIlroy keeps on going at the pace he is now, his game is going to be very hard to beat and again, it'll prove a great show. It'll turn into what Tiger and Phil was supposed to be.
bobhooe says:
the only thing these guys should have to be afraid of is the course. Rory plays a fearless almost care free game. Look at how he interacts with his playing partners. His style works well for him.
bobhooe says:
Btw does everyone get the same advertisement at the top of the page? I hope it's not taylored to individules based on personal web traffic. I would lose what's left of my man card.
Backquak says:
usually its a golf ad, today its nice and easy, gotta be the same for everyone
srogers13 says:
Maybe the Nice and Easy is tailored to Rory's hair.
homermania says:
Must... buy... Color Blend Foam...
bobhooe says:
I like how they try and draw you in with the 8 out of 10 walmart shoppers like it. I mean if the upper crust likes it then im in.
TeT says:
Nobody is scared of Tiger. Tiger might spank him but no fear. I still think that Tiger purposely slowed play at Augusta so he would not have to wait on those ahead while those behind would be waiting every hole, it worked over some of the golfers in the last few groups.
Banker85 says:
Great response Rory is a class act. Mustang said "Wait until you're paired with him on Sunday at The Masters and then tell me if you're scared." It could either show what Rory is made of or that he is indeed intimidated by Tiger. let's just hope this scenario come true!
@bobhooe: maybe, i got a Chase bank ad. banker85?
Kurt the Knife says:
Simply said. And totally true. I think I always play against myself really.

I just hate how the rest of me cheats.
falcon50driver says:
Ya gotta love the pictures of the Walmartians.
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