Sean O'Hair, the Hero
By mustang6560 on 7/1/11
Sean O'Hair is an unconventional hero.

In last year's AT&T National at Aronimink Golf Club, O'Hair's tee shot on the 72nd hole hit spectator Chris Logan in the temple. I know what you're thinking, "How does that make O'Hair a hero, sounds more like a jerk".

It's what happened next that is important. Logan, who almost didn't attend the tournament last year, was rushed by the paramedics to the medical tent for evaluation to make sure he was OK. They figured he had a concussion. During the evaluation, one of the medics noticed a lump on Logan's throat and advised him to get that checked out.

Turns out, it was a malignant tumor on his Thyroid. Had Logan not attended the AT&T National, had he not decided to follow O'Hair, and had O'Hair found the fairway on the 18th, Logan may not have found the tumor in time.
The 28-year-old O'Hair, who also lives in West Chester, called the whole episode "something cool to be involved with.

"You feel bad about hitting him, but yet you feel good that he found out about the cancer, found it early, and got it worked on," he said. "It's a cool experience."
The good news is Logan is now cancer free and he even had the chance to meet O'Hair, who happens to be one of his favorite players earlier in the week.

People talk about "fate" all the time. I'll let you make up your own mind, but it's hard to chalk something like this up to pure coincidence.

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photo by Keith Allison

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Kurt the Knife says:
I think there are other methods to begin a physical examination that don't include a blow to the noggin'.
Wonder what O'Hair charges for consultation.
bkuehn1952 says:
I had a similar "hero" experience. I had a bit too much to drink and spilled my beer on a guy sitting at the next table. He jumped up and started kicking the crap out of me. Fortunately an off-duty police officer was able to subdue the irate patron. While the guy was serving 30 days for aggravated assault one of his cellmates noted a lump on his butt which turned out to be malignant. Long story short, he was treated in time and now is serving 5 to 10 for armed robbery.

I get a little choked up when I think about my role in this story.
mjaber says:
@bkuehn... was it his cellmate, or his husband?
Kurt the Knife says:
Ass cancer. Seems fitting.
falcon50driver says:
mjaber, both
Torleif Sorenson says:
Sean O'Hero.
Rocketballz says:
He's a good kid. I thought this prior to him becoming a cancer specialist.
mattshaver says:
it's easy to chalk this up to pure coincidence. sh!t happens. of the hundreds of stories about guys having watches broken or getting bonked on the forehead from a stray drive, it's entirely possible that eventually one of those people would be hit in the throat and would have a tumor.

cool story nevertheless.
Kurt the Knife says:
I got hit in the head with a golf ball when I was 5.

The reason I can't play worth a crap.

But he did help me find a nasty hematoma on my head I didn't know I had.
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