Choke or Miss?
When Is A Miss A Choke?
By Kickntrue on 3/15/07
I found this interesting editorial on (via on when a miss becomes a choke. The last two PGA Tour events have seen finishes that could be considered "chokes" but writer Doug Ferguson thinks it's really just a matter of perspective.
There's no telling how long the word "choke" has been part of the golf vernacular, or when it first came into vogue. Perhaps the most famous use came at the 1989 Masters, and then only because Scott Hoch's last name rhymes with "spoke," or something like that.


As I final note from ME, as opposed to this or any other stance.
If Bubba Watson blows a putt in the next week or so, I'm offically starting a campaign against Milton High School in Florida in an effort to shut them down due to their clear lack of preperation for the "real" world. Best buddies choking two weeks in a row is one thing, but if the 3rd in their posse joins them, something is certainly fishy. By the way- who would want to play THAT high school golf team? Bubba Watson, Boo Weekley and Heath Slocum!! I'd pray I was 4th bag.

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