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Tiger Doctor Guilty, Tiger Not
By Kickntrue on 7/7/11
Canadian doctor Anthony Galea pleads guilty to administering HGH treatments but denies Tiger was one of them.
Tiger Woods was among the 20 or so athletes treated by Dr. Anthony Galea, but he never received human growth hormone or other banned substances, a lawyer for the doctor said Wednesday.

Woods, according to Greenspan, underwent platelet rich plasma treatment, a therapy often used to accelerate the healing of tendon injuries and one of the four treatments Galea is accused of using on U.S. athletes.
This whole thing is really fishy, but frankly I have a hard time really caring. I guess I'm callous at this point, or at the very least cynical, but I figure every athlete at a high level is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. Now, I'm in no way saying I think all or even most athletes have used steroids or HGH or any substance to achieve their accomplishments, but to try to single out any one over another as dirty or clean or whatever is nearly impossible, and a story driven so deep down our throats it's hard to care.

As some have pointed out- it seems odd, with all the great doctors available in the USA that these athletes were driven to a shady and by a few accounts quite mediocre doctor to receive treatment for their injuries. That same shady doc who has admitted guilt to helping people recover with HGH and calf blood (yep, you read that correctly). Shady shady shady.

And yet... I don't care... not even enough to finish this post with something clever and poignant.

What about you?

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jwilder78 says:
I do care. Golf isn't cycling, it isn't baseball circa 10 years ago. i.e. sports where the whole damn world knows that many of the players are dirty and it's pretty much accepted.

Despite Tiger's huge personal fall from grace, his achievements on the course are still legendary, still a legitimate inspiration. If that is also proven to be bogus, it will be a serious blow. The entire Tiger era will have been a waste of time. I think that sucks.

Given the past couple years, is there anyone out there who wouldn't at least consider the idea that Tiger might have been using HGH?
brianshaffer32 says:
Especially in golf, I don't see where it would help at all...
brianshaffer32 says:
The only way I see that HGH could aid a golfer is with the help it gives in healing an injury. But here is where I am confused the most... What does Gatorade do? What do energy drinks do? What does ibuprofen do? Help people recover faster! The only difference I see is the legality of it. Another great way to look at it in other sports is cortisone shots, plenty of players say that they wouldn't have been able to play if it wasn't for that shot they got at halftime ect... In the end especially in Golf the mental game is the great equalizer
falcon50driver says:
Is praying on the golf course illegal yet?
Matt F says:
@merlin - don't know, but from personal experience, that doesn't work either!
seandogrocket says:
If drugs help Baseball players make better swings at a white ball and hit a white ball father, seems to me that would relate to golf. I remember the whole Bonds Balco Story on HBO Real Sports and they talked about not only having strength but also putting an athlete in the "zone".
billbadaz says:
you want to hit it further, drink a 4 loco and some jagerbombs before and during the round. you will hit it much further.
falcon50driver says:
Sometimes if you hit the ball FARTHER, you will not be able to hit it FURTHER, because you won't be able to find it.
jrbizzle says:
There's a funny comedy bit out there that basically says for the money these guys are making, they should be required to do steroids. For $25M per year, A-Rod should be shooting up in the on deck circle and ripping bomb shots into the upper deck twice a game.
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