Why Golf Is A Beautiful Game...
By Kickntrue on 3/15/07
Have you ever told yourself you could give up golf- it had finally frustrated you to your wit's end, and you could just quit? Then, of course- on the next tee, you rip a drive like you never have before? I love golf. Check out this great story for this past weekend by Tom over at BallsSticksStuff.com. It's a hardcore Phillies' blog- but he does some golf stuff too. I love this.
Determined to hit a good shot, I over-corrected and came over the top with my five-iron, pulling the ball long and left of the green, close to where the pro and his pupils had been practicing. Arriving at my ball after a short cart ride, I saw the task at hand: from a side-hill, bare lie, I would be forced to pitch downhill to a fast green sloping away from me with a deep sand trap on the other side of the flag stick. To top it off the pro says, "not to put you on the spot, but we were just discussing all of the different choices a player has when pitching and chipping around the greens on Donald Ross courses... Do you mind if we observe how you go about this shot?" On the outside I said with a smile, "sure, no problem at all, go right ahead." On the inside I was thinking, "I wonder what would happen if I just sprinted into the woods right now?"

Check out the link below to find out what happened next.


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