Tiger Woods, I'm Disappointed
By mustang6560 on 9/27/11
So let me get this right. Tiger Woods fired long time caddie Steve Williams because he felt disrespected when he continued to work with Adam Scott after the U.S. Open at Congressional. But then Tiger didn't have the decency to let Dustin Johnson know he was in serious talks with his caddie Joe LaCava?

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

In case you haven't heard, Tiger finally put to bed the speculation of who his new caddie would be and hired Joe LaCava, Dustin Johnson's caddie. The pair were together for less than six months after Dustin parted ways with his friend/caddie Bobby Brown.

You hear reports from the media that Tiger is a jerk and the way he went about hiring his new caddie supports those claims. Even Butch Harmon, who introduced Dustin and Joe, was disappointed with the way his old client went about hiring his new caddie.
“The thing that bothered me the most was T.W. not calling Dustin and asking if he could talk to Joe,” said Harmon, who used to work with Woods. “That’s the way it’s done. I’m a little disappointed with the way Tiger handled it. But I’m not surprised.”
The good news for Tiger is he hired an experienced caddie who appears to be very loyal. Joe worked with Freddie for nearly 20 years before leaving for Dustin's bag and I think that proved to be the deciding factor. Tiger wants/needs someone who can be a pit bull like Steve Williams. We'll see how the duo does together at the Frys.com Open in two weeks time.

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photo by Keith Allison

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Sert Thipavong says:
Who cares!!!!! What does it matter if he didnt ask to talk to Joe!!! Stop the hate, Tiger will come back then you will ride on his dick again. I dont care what he does, Tiger is still the shit! I myself and 200plus golfer I know would never have gotten into golf if it wasnt for Tiger. So shut your pie hole!!
Kickntrue says:
I don't know how Tiger will sleep at night knowing Nathan is disappointed in him. He'll have to call on his faith, meditate and pray... and then maybe, just maybe, someday he'll be able to live with himself again.
homermania says:
Is there any rule in the PGA about carrying your own clubs? Are caddies required?
bashworth says:
So if Joe called Tiger and asked, is that different then stealing him from DJ?
trikai says:
Not that I agree but it's business. I pretty sure floor executives at Bear Stearns weren't asked by those at Morgan Stanley if they could recruit their mortgage traders. How is this different than any athletes being traded or holding out? Is it because golf is a "gentleman's game"? Horse crap!
Banker85 says:
If DJ don't care then neither do I. My guess is Johnson will be fine. Tiger does look like a jerk.
brian575 says:
You do know that Joe called Tiger and asked to be considered for the job. (Check tigerwoods.com for the announcement) Joe has kids at home and does not want to travel that much and Dustin is talking about playing more in Europe. Tiger plays a limited and very predictable schedule. If anything Joe was sneaking around trying to get a different bag.

And in all honesty this article was a very bad job getting your facts straight. I am a little disappointed in your reporting. I think Andrew would have gotten it right(sorry had to dig at you a little).
TeT says:

You need to read up some more on this one....
mustang6560 says:
@brian575 and TeT- Yes, I know Joe did approach Tiger--along with "a lot of people"-- but does that mean Tiger didn't have to give Dustin a heads up before the deal was final? Personally, I think he should have reached out to Dustin because it shows he has respect for his fellow golfers.

I changed a few things to make my "reporting" more clear.
KVSmith59 says:
lol.... "The good news for Tiger is he hired an experienced caddie who appears to be very loyal" Loyal to who? Dustin? lol.

Anyways, I didn't hear about it so I appreciate your article mustang. Don't let these guys get you down. Remember, you have a hole in one and they probably dont :)
falcon50driver says:
TeT says:
Damn KV; you had to bring that up.

I don't think Tiger had to go to Dustin to talk to him. If he decides against then where does that leave Joe... "Um sorry Dustin I tried to get another job, but looks like I'm still your guy. I shined your shoes for ya..."

ie. When I go for my job interview next week at the company next door that does the same crap we do and the guy calls my boss and asks if he can interview me, i'll punch him.
bashworth says:
like i mentioned earlier i dont think tiger has an obligation to call dustin and say "hey your caddy just called me wanting to leave you for me". This isn't high school.
bashworth says:
although that grammar ^ looks like it
munk24 says:
Have to agree, Tiger and Joe did not want to affect Dustins chance to win the FedEx Cup, They both wanted to wait until after the Tour Championship. The formal announcement was supposed to come a few days later, but Butch Harmon blew it way out of proportion as soon as he heard about.
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