Did Charles Barkley Fix His Swing?
By mustang6560 on 7/15/11
Did Charles Barkley fix his swing? It looks like his patented "stop-n-go" motion in his backswing is gone, but where did it go?

It's almost a shame he fixed his swing. Now who are we going to get to laugh at from time to time?

Unfortunately, I can't embed the video of Charles' new swing, but here's a link to it. After you watch his new swing, check out the video below of his "old" swing. What a difference!

Charles' New Swing

Charles' Old Swing

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gpickin says:
If you watched Feherty's interview with you... you would 1- laugh, but 2- find it very interesting.

He said his practice swings are normal, but put a ball on the tee, and something in his head just makes him quirk in his downswing.
He said he even got hypnotized to fix it... after a great nap, he still had that terrible swing.

He likes to play golf because its quiet, no fans want autographs (not with that swing), he likes spending time outside, in the trees (you're not supposed to be there).

I dont know if he fixed his swing, or if its just the mental issue with being on the course, vs the driving range.
gpickin says:
They showed him with hundreds of balls teed up with some professional coaches. Holding his head up etc, trying to get it right, but he still had the quirk in those swings.

I thought it was funny, till I saw the interview. When you realize its a mental wiring thing, its just kinda sad.
dartboss04 says:
i felt for him after him talking about it on feherty...it's funny how nice the practice swing looked...
mmontisano says:
he's like the rest of us. on the range, we're a single digit range master. once on the course, things change.
Banker85 says:
At the event at Lake Tahoe this weekend he looked good. He did an interview and said he closes his eyes now when he swings. Glad to see Chuck be able to not embarrass himself out there so bad! he still sucks though
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