Darren Clarke Wins Open Championship
By mustang6560 on 7/17/11
I think Rory McIlroy’s tweet sums up Darren Clarke’s victory at the Open Championship the best:
"Northern Ireland...... Golf capital of the world!!"
The small country of Northern Ireland now owns three out of the last six major championship titles and became the first country since 1910 to win back-to-back major titles other than the United States. And they did it with a population about the size of West Virginia. Graeme McDowell started the trend 13 months ago at Pebble Beach with his victory at the 2010 U.S. Open, Rory continued it last month with his victory at the U.S. Open at Congressional and now Darren made it one more.

After Rory won the U.S.Open last month, Darren withdrew from the BMW International Open to celebrate with his fellow countryman. This time, it’s Rory turn to help Darren celebrate.
"And I'll be very, very hungover," he said.
If Northern Ireland is ever going to convince the R&A to let the Open return to the country, now is the time. The popularity of Northern Ireland golf is at an all time high so they better act quickly before the momentum is gone.

For a moment in time, it looked like Phil Mickelson was going to win his first Open Championship. I was trying to keep tabs on the action over in Sandwich, England on my iPhone in between groups at the Viking Classic. I saw Phil was two-under through four and made a comment to the group I was working with and said “Watch out, Phil’s making a move.” Next thing I know, my brother texted me and said Phil was five-under through seven. At this point, I decided to abandon my plans of rooting for Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson to pull for Phil. As quick as Phil’s run started, it seemed like it ended. Another heart breaker for the last American to win a major title.

The Open Championship turned out to be what many said the U.S. Open wasn’t, a true test. I’m happy for Darren - he fought the weather and won. Plus, it was a feel good win as Darren’s gone through a tough few years with the loss of his wife to breast cancer and having to raise his two boys by himself.

Three majors down, one to go.

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photo by zrim

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falcon50driver says:
Phil was my pick last week. Sorry he couldn't pull it off.
bkuehn1952 says:
Darren was a worthy winner. His acceptance speech was well said. Hard to not feel good about his win.
mmontisano says:
1 major away from a Chubby Slam. first Schwartzel, then McIllroy, and now Clarke. who else is on Chubby Chandler's roster? I'm scouting now for my fantasy picks for the PGA Championship...
legitimatebeef says:
Wow really solid play by Clarke. I like it when a good but forgotten player comes out of left field and wins and reminds the media that hyping the outcome and trying to anoint winners before a golf tournament starts is futility.
legitimatebeef says:
ABC censored it but he was puffing on cigarettes during the round.
Paolo says:
Couldn't have gone to a nicer bloke... always a smile on his face these days after going through some dark times.

I said to my missus on Sat am, "watch the Americans tumble down the scoreboard when the wind and rain picks up" how wrong I was. Really impressed with the American challenge on a course so alien to most of them.

With world's #1&2 missing the cut the British challenge topped out at 14th position improving to 9th by the end of play with shots being dropped on the stretch. A disappointing display by us Brits on a British style course and British "summer" conditions.
mjaber says:
I loved watching him and Glover during the 3rd round. They were laughing and smiling. It almost seemed like they were old friends who were playing a regular Saturday round together.
Banker85 says:
It was an exciting round of golf. Phil looked like he was gonna run by everyone. Too bad he faltered down the stretch. Also Dustin hitting OB on the par 5 changed everything. If he could have birdied it would have made more drama down the stretch but with the OB the tournament was Clarke's to lose.
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