#11- Make Fun Of The Guy Wearing THAT Hat!
Hopeless Round? 10 Things To Make It Enjoyable
By Kickntrue on 3/16/07
We've all been there. Some of us (read:"me") more than others. You go out to enjoy a great round of golf and everything turns sour. Your bad shots are never found and even your good swings end up with bad bounces off sprinkler heads into hazards. It's so bad, even the marshal can't hide his schadenfreude when he sees my lob wedge snap in half as I launch it at my golf cart (that really happened). If this is you... all is not lost. Check out these 10 suggestions to brighten the day.

1)Play Croquet On Tee Boxes
This is one of my favorites and sometimes a good way to save the round. If things are going bad- Grab your driver, your ball and head up to the tee. Use the box markers as end stakes and take turns with your partners hitting across the tee box. Once you hit the stake, come back- and then become poison- knocking your buddies out. It's more fun than it sounds... and like I said- it can actually get your back on your game. If this whole idea is completely foreign to you- learn how to play croquet.

2)Play With Only One Club (Including Putting)
If you decide your day is lost, at least practice with one club. Most end up choosing their 7 iron (who doesn't hit THAT club good). There are some positives to this approach: a) It's a lot of fun to compete with someone doing the same thing, b) At least you are practicing with one club. The negatives: No cheating when staring at that Par 5 needing a 200 yard carry over a water hazard.

3)Learn To Hit Like Happy Gilmore
Who hasn't tried this? The day's lost anyway- why not take one more shot at figuring it out?

You really can't go wrong with this one. Bet on longest drive. Bet on closest to the pin. Bet on when the next bird will fly by! It really doesn't matter. If you are gambling- you ARE having fun.

5)Get Drunk And Hit On The Food Cart Girl
You should probably bet on this too- best pick up line? This one works well for both parties. The snack cart girl gets more tips from beer sales and stories to tell her sorority sisters about the fat bald guys hitting on her at the golf course. You? Well, if you're drunk enough you'll THINK she actually found you cute and charming- just like your wife.

6)Leave With More Golf Balls Than You Came With
This is one of my dad's favorites. Nothing makes you feel better about a 120 than finding 3 almost new Pro V1s in the deep rough. You'll know how to spot these guys- because they carry the awesome extending ball retrievers so even creeks and shallow lakes can't stop them.

7)Race Golf Carts Down The Fairway
Simple.. Easy... Fun... Bonus points awarded for: a)having the guts to play polo to the hole with your brand new irons (if this doesn't sound scary to you, you've never tried- I ALWAYS bend clubs doing this), and b)swatting at birds or other small rodents scurrying around the course.

8)Skip Holes To The Par 3's
Skip the long holes and make sure you get as many shots into the par 3's. The space you create should give you enough time to take aim at a hole-in-one. The odds are still unlikely, but wouldn't that make your whole day worth it?

9)Leave "Words Of Wisdom" In The Sand Traps
I suggest using your 3 iron to leave your mark on the hazards. The angle of the club leaves a beautiful tail often confused with the most beautiful calligraphy. Don't sell yourself short. "You Suck" is good, but I bet you can do better!

10)Talk Smack To Your Partner And Ruin His/Her Game
Misery loves company. That's more than a cliche- it's a fact. Do whatever it takes to get your playing partner off their game and joining in your antics.

Did I miss any? I'd love to hear your ideas of how to have fun golfing, because spring is coming- and I'm going to need all the help I can get.

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klangdon says:
11) Reminisce and tell stories about great shots you hit on a different day.
golfgirl says:
If you're a reasonably attractive girl you can... while waiting at the next tee... practice some moves from your cardiostrip class, hence garnering more admiration than if you would for any long drive or precise putt.
LexMacar says:

Build sand castles in the middle of the fairway with the Divot Sand on your golf cart. It's quite comical sitting on the other tee box watching as the group behind you starts gathering around this foreign white tower made of sand Shooting out of the vast field of green Bermuda grass.
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