The Ultimate Golf Cart Plank Fail
By mustang6560 on 7/26/11
I understand the concept of "planking" (lying flat on an object) but I didn't understand why it was such an Internet phenomenon - that is, until now.

Leave it to an unsuspecting YouTube-r to show me the light. Why is it so many people seem to get hurt on golf carts? Maybe it's because people feel invincible on a golf cart...

Golf Cart Planking Fail

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volleyhart says:
Oh good Lord.
shaffer1969 says:
I thought "owling" was the in thing now.
HotBacon says:
why was the golf cart on a tee box?
Matt Otskey says:
lol and why would you try to go down the hill? lol can't stop laughing
TeT says:
WTH is Owling, never mind...

I remember being young, I hope I wasnt that dumb though...
falcon50driver says:
Definitely from the shallow end of the gene pool.
Torleif Sorenson says:
This is intellectual Darwinism: Nature weeding out the stupid golfers.
Matt F says:
If I saw someone doing that on the course, I'd run them over.
Trav says:
@shaffer: Owling is so last week. The new thing, at least until later this morning, is Batting. (BTW, if you follow links in the article, you can see Richard Simmons owling (Warning: not for anyone who wants to keep breakfast down)).
jeremyheslop says:
What Torleif said. This should make it to the Darwin awards. While I'm all for the good internet meme copying be safe people!

And is he driving off a tee box. The horror!
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