Turns the Ball into A Bullet!
Is This Real? Legal? Am I Sucker?
By Kickntrue on 3/16/07
I'm a sucker for a competitive advantage- especially one that everyone else ignores. So when someone sent me this site, I took interest. I've seen stuff like this before- and never pull the trigger, but the curious side of me REALLY wants to know if it works. Check out these clubs that are said to be made of super secret DoD created metals, stronger than titanium. Supposedly golf balls have shattered becuase the club is so powerful! Someone please tell me why I shouldn't buy one? (NCGGolf.com)

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klangdon says:
Kickntrue says:
real insightful.. thanks

what about the "proof" on the site?
Manzo says:
I don't really think I want to turn my golf balls into bullets- I've just grown rather patial to my golf balls being round over the years. I'm told that it's really tough to putt with bullets too..
Kickntrue says:
Hey Manzo- welcome to the site!
You've got to admit though whether it's legal or not, it'd be pretty fun to go out with some juiced balls in your friendly game and smoke one 350. Of course there would still be the STRAIGHT issue...
falcon50driver says:
I wonder whats in this little slot.....
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