Tiger Woods Returns Next Week?
By mustang6560 on 7/26/11
And the rumor mill is churning, again.

*Tiger Woods is expected to play next week at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational.

Speculation surrounding Tiger's eventual return to golf at the Open Championship led some to believe he was going to play this week at the Greenbrier Classic in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Now the "experts" are saying Tiger will play next week at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio.

I'm not sure who to believe, but I think if Tiger has plans to play the final major of the year he needs to play in at least one warm up tournament. Excluding last year, Tiger has owned Firestone so a return next week should in theory be a good tune up ahead of the PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club.

Now, the only remaining question for Tiger is, "Who will be on his bag moving forward?" The current front runners include Paul Tesori (caddied for Vijay Singh, Sean O'Hair and now Webb Simpson), Colin Byrne (caddied for Retief Goosen and Edoardo Molinari) and Tony Navarro (Adam Scott's old caddie). The best storyline for golf would clearly be if Adam and Tiger basically had a caddie swap.


photo by Keith Allison

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gpickin says:
I always thought Tiger was in the media because of his play, but over the last couple of years, I've noticed he is a media whore and well as a man whore lol.

Funny, he doesn't like the media, but they sure like him.
Is it like playing hard to get maybe.

I hope when he returns he is competitive, and doesn't rush it.
The caddy thing is very interesting.
As a kiwi like williams, I'll put my name in the hat.
Banker85 says:
toothid says:
If he plays, watch for Notah Begay at least for the rest of 2011
bobhooe says:
it would be great if he had a smokin hot lady on the bag. He should just go in the total opposite direction of what everyone expects him to go.
srogers13 says:
LOL, Porn Star Caddie.
falcon50driver says:
He has gone in the opposite direction most people expected already. Throwing away a perfectly nice family, game, caddy, image, sponsors, health. What's left ? I shudder to think.
mustang6560 says:
"What's left ?"

His agent.
mjaber says:
I got it. I know what's going to happen. Tiger is going to call Charlie Sheen and borrow one of the goddess's. Since Charlie is all about "Winning, DUH!!", and there's something about Tiger-blood in his random, alcohol and drug fueled rantings, it seems like a pretty good fit.
legitimatebeef says:
Where exactly do these rumors come from? Who are these "experts"? Sounds to me like some pure fabrication at the hands of a bored blogger.
ToddRobb says:
Imagine that,,, It turned out to be true
gpickin says:
Yup, its true... so says the tweets.
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