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Darren Clarke: No Cash-Flow Problem Here
By mustang6560 on 7/27/11
Darren Clarke responded last night to reports that he was "cash-strapped" before winning the Open Championship at Royal St. George's by arriving to the Irish Open in his £175k Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

And to clear up any lingering doubt about his "big cash flow problem, Clarke had this to say.
Yet, when asked yesterday if he'd been cash-strapped before winning at St Georges, Clarke said bluntly: "Not particularly. No."
The reports about Darren's financial troubles started when his agent, Chubby Chandler, made the following comment regarding his client's pocket book:
'The timing could not have been better [winning the Open Championship],' he said. 'Darren has had a big cash flow problem.'
It's no secret, the Northern Irishman is much better off than before. By winning the Open Championship a couple weeks back, Darren collected a $1.5 million pay check PLUS over $3 million in sponsors endorsements. So regardless of his personal finances prior to the Open, winning over $4.5 million is a game changer.

The funny thing about this entire situation is Chubby Chandler is the nincompoop who started all the rumors. When a professional athlete, celebrity or politician makes an off the wall comment, their agent is the one who comes to the rescue and puts out the fire. But, who is waiting in the wing to clean up the mess when it's the agent who makes the slip of the tongue?

In Darren's case, it was his Ferrari. Any more questions about Darren's finances? Didn't think so.

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photo by DUP Photos

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mtgolfidiot says:
Having a Ferrari is irrelevant on whether or not Darren Clark was "cash strapped"--my bet is that Chubby's comment was spot on. Foolish? Absolutely. Ill timed? Certainly. What in the world is he doing commenting about one of his client's financial condition? It would make me think twice about engaging him. Not that I have a chance with a 14 handicap
TeT says:
Tongue in cheek might be off a little, but humor is dryer and different in some places than here. Could have been misinterpreted, maybe?
mustang6560 says:
Could be, and I bet there is some truth to Chubby's comments. But he should know better than to talk about his clients finances.
jrbizzle says:
What his agent probably meant is Darren's cash was not flowing to Chubby as much as he would have liked. Agents usually work on percentages, so I'm sure Chubby was less than thrilled to see Darren not raking in the same money as he got accustomed to. I'm sure Darren had plenty in reserve, but gains in the market and on interest do not flow to the agent :)
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