Tiger Woods Is Enjoying Life
By mustang6560 on 7/27/11
Tiger Woods may be out nursing a bum left knee and Achilles tendon, but it doesn't mean he isn't enjoying himself.

The media circus surrounding Tiger seems to be more stressed out about Tiger's life than he is. When will he return to golf? Who will be his new caddie? How far will he slip in the Official World Golf Rankings?

While everyone around Tiger seems to be anxious, the World No. 21 seems to be enjoying his time away from golf. TMZ.com recently posted pictures of Tiger on his yacht off the coast of Jupiter Island, Florida with his kids. In the pictures, Tiger appears to be calm and relaxed, which is the opposite of how his life is being portrayed. Tiger is also using his recovery time to finish the renovations to his new house, which includes an amazing practice facility.

Tiger's been so busy enjoying himself lately that he hasn't even made time to work with his swing coach, Sean Foley. This makes some skeptical about the rumors lurking in the shadows of Tiger's return to action next week at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational, which surely rules out an appearance at the PGA Championship, thus officially ending his 2011 season.

While the rest of the world is left to wait anxiously about Tiger's return, at least we know what Tiger's doing.

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homermania says:
Meanwhile, on the PGA Tour...
Duke of Hazards says:
nice even stripes in his yard. wonder if he uses a riding or push mower..?
Clint24 says:
Nice boat. Who is the lady holding the kids? Elen?
mustang6560 says:
The "nanny".
Banker85 says:
Good for him. A little R&R never hurts.
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