McIlroy Responds to Critics on Twitter
By mustang6560 on 7/28/11
If you still haven't fully embraced Twitter yet, then allow me to fill you in on what you missed.

Jay Townsend, the on-course analyst for The Golf Channel who is covering the Irish Open, angered U.S. Open Champ and avid Tweeter Rory McIlroy with two of his tweets that questioned Rory's course management and caddie. Jay wrote:
McIlroy's course management was shocking

@wenners just made a great point, @mcilroyrory should hire Stevie Williams, as I thought JP allowed some SHOCKING course management today
Rory quickly fired back saying:
@JayATownsend shut up.... You're a commentator and a failed golfer, your opinion means nothing!
Jay responded:
@McIlroyRory Sorry, but I stand by my comments
Rory followed up by saying:
@JayATownsend well, I stand by my caddie
In order to get the last word, Jay said:
As you should, I respect that @McIlroyRory @JayATownsend well, I stand by my caddie
Easy, Rors. Let your golf do the talking.

I'm surprised Rors took the bait on this one. He normally has a cool head and doesn't let the chatter around him get to him. I don't know, but Rory seems to be a little edgy lately, ever since winning the U.S. Open.

As annoying as color commentators are, Jay was simply doing what The Golf Channel hired him to do: talk. Everyone knows his opinion is the opinion of a failed golfer, no need to even acknowledge him. It only validates him and allows him to justify his opinion to people footing his paycheck.

Rory McIlroy on Twitter

Jay Townsend

photo by zzazazz

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TeT says:
He is still 22(?) I believe that studies (and scans) show that the male brain has not formed fully in the area that controls judgement until later... He is easy pickings right now for the annoying talking heads like Jay....
Kurt the Knife says:
how do people think that this twitter thing adds any value to life?

is it just me?
ayparekh says:
Twitter is a break from normal life...Normal life is a break from Twitter. Rory sure did take the bait on this one...but he will learn and mature, remember Bubba Watson from a few years ago?
bobhooe says:
Jay kind of pussed out a bit with his response, could have left the sorry out
ponderous says:
No, Kurt, it's not just you. It's jackassitude and douchebaggery, all rolled up into a 140 character molotov cocktail of ADD enabling, brain atrophying, inanity.
falcon50driver says:
Kurt and pond, thank you. I personally have NEVER ventured there. Like crack, which I understand, hooks you after only one try. I will not give it the chance.
gpickin says:
i hated the idea from day one.
mschad says:
Kurt, pond, merlin: I don't get it either. But then my parents didn't understand the fascination we had with Rock-n-Roll/Heavy Metal. Must be an age thing and I'm on the wrong side.
homermania says:
I can split the Twitter difference here. The vast majority of it is completely inane. Though, I do have Conan O'Brien's tweets sent to my phone. He sends out one joke a day. It's like having a Far Side calendar.
EloraBlue says:
Good for Rory. Keep it up Rory, speak your mind. Journalists and talking heads are very close to the bottom of the food chain and I appreciate that Rory treated this "never-was" with the disdain he deserved.
bobhooe says:
people thought the internet sucked at some point as well until they started to understand it could be used for good...and was full of boobs.
SD Charlie says:
Like Homermania said - there is a lot of useless garbage on twitter, but the beauty of it is that you don't need to see any of it. You follow who you want to follow. I mostly follow writers/comedians/entrepreneurs/news outlets as there is so much valuable content that comes through and from the people I follow. Stay away from "trending topics" and there is value there. But, then again, it's just another website that takes time out of your day.
AbsoluteZero says:
I like Rory's comments. Good for him for standing up for himself and his caddie. I hate the Golf Channel analysts. It's interesting to me that the golf channel can be rude, but when a golfer stands up for himself he becomes the focal point for criticism.

Also, golf NEEDS some interesting characters... There is a reason John Daley is so popular even though he's not the player he once was.
srogers13 says:
The big question is, what would Rory say about ToddRobb's opinion?
ToddRobb says:
I love twitter. There I said it, I have over 5,600 followers on my golf page. Not much different than this, just more to the point.
ToddRobb says:
Where else could Rory get away with being a smart-ass kid with the media?
ToddRobb says:
News flash for Rory: 98% of the golfing world are failed golfers.
bashworth says:
you can go ahead and bump it up to 99.9% robert
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