Steve Williams Immortalized
By mustang6560 on 7/28/11
Regardless of what Steve Williams is able to achieve with his new boss Adam Scott, history will always remember the awkward high 5s he shared with Tiger Woods as his former caddie.

But, to officially mark the end of the Tiger/Steve era, ESPN's Page 2 immortalized Steve's work with one of golf's greatest children in the latest Fictional Statue of the Week. The statue was erected on the edge of the green on hole 3 on the South Course of Torrey Pines and the plaque reads:
This statue stands in tribute to legendary caddie Steve Williams, who helped Tiger Woods to 72 career victories by eliminating distractions caused by annoying shutterbugs, chirping birds, crying babies and Phil Mickelson.

Statue of the Week

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id3st says:
haha! funny stuff...
EloraBlue says:
excellent :)
larrynjr says:
That is awesome!
greenfungus says:
very true, funny.
jeremyheslop says:
Nice. Would be funny if he really threw someone in a pond.
SD Charlie says:
Or off a cliff..
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