WPRI Makes "Television Magic"
By mustang6560 on 7/29/11
How do you "create some television magic"? Simple, just ask WPRI reporter Sara Hogan.

A couple weeks back Sara showed up late to the Ocean State Women's Golf Association Championship in Rhoade Island and missed the finish between Samantha Morrell and Ali Prazak. So naturally, she had to "create some television magic".

In order to capture "highlights" of the tournament, Sara asked the competitors to grab their putters and head back to 18th green to recreate the final putts.

The issue is not that Sara asked the two competitors to hit a couple putts on camera. The issue is the local CBS affiliate tried to pawn the footage off as "highlights" later that night during the sports report. The reason I have quotations around "highlights" is because the WPRI news director said his station did not falsely report the news because they never used the word "highlights" to describe the final putts. But to any reasonable human being, it looked like highlights.
“It is not our policy to recreate or reenact ‘highlights,’” he said. “It is, however, our policy to specifically and accurately describe and identify the video that we present. It appears in this case that although the video was not described as highlights, it should not have aired in this context.”
Shame on you WPRI. Not only did you hurt your credibility for faking highlights, you didn't even fake the highlights correctly. Golfers must finish every hole in competitive golf so the fact you showed Samantha and Ali picking up their ball before putting out is just downright hilarious. If you're going to fake it, at least try to make it look realistic.

-1 for WPRI and -2 for the state of Rhode Island.

RI women's state amateur golf final

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gpickin says:
Thats sad, and like you said pathetic, if you fake it, fake it right :)
Kurt the Knife says:
"Quiet on the set! Faux dramatic golf tournament finish, take two!. Aaaaaand...Action!"
TeT says:
Is it worse than the LIVE on the site reporter guy/girl standing in a 3' ditch to report on local flooding...
Banker85 says:
video is gone. bunch of dirty stinking no good fakers.
mustang6560 says:
Those cheeky...
legitimatebeef says:
Nate I think you're still irritated from missing out on the Tiger playing Bridgestone story.
falcon50driver says:
Where the heck is Rhoade Island ?
Torleif Sorenson says:
M3D: +1
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