Golf Coach Drives Team Drunk
By mustang6560 on 8/3/11
Drinking and driving is never a good idea. You are recklessly endangering the lives of everyone on the road, including yourself. But, it's especially bad when you are driving a bus full of the high school girls golf team.
The Iowa high school golf coach charged with driving drunk while transporting her team to a meet in May was sentenced on Tuesday to the jail time she's already served and fines of $1,875.

Susie Lynn Steinbeck, 59, of Fairfield was sentenced in Lee County District Court for operating while intoxicated and one count of child endangerment.
I have a question, when did the golf coach have time to get drunk before she drove the girls golf team back home? I played soccer and tennis and ran cross country in high school, and whenever we traveled, the coaches never had time to wander off and get drunk before, during or after the game. She must have been carrying a flask of her favorite spirit onto the course.

The funny thing is (in a I'm glad no one was hurt kind of way), her preliminary blood alcohol level was .212 - that's more than double the legal limit at .08. She wasn't drunk, she was wasted! I guess the conclusion you can draw here is she was so drunk she convinced herself it was OK to get behind the wheel.

Jim Morrison said it best, "People are strange."

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photo by Jesuspower

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Kurt the Knife says:
"when did the golf coach have time to get drunk before she drove the girls golf team back home?"

In my experience, these types of people are rarely not drunk.
gpickin says:
Well, golf is a longer game, more time to sneak a drink.
Especially if they have lunch, but you'd think it would be tough to get that wasted.
Maybe she needs it to deal with that many high schoolers.

Either way, pretty jacked up.
falcon50driver says:
There ain't enough likker in the world to get me to drive a bus load of teenage girls.
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