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By mustang6560 on 8/5/11
Somebody finally did it - they created, the ultimate spin off of

If you're wondering how we found, it's actually a funny story. Andrew is working from home and his son wanted to "work with daddy" so Andrew let him sit with him at his desk. His son started hitting the keyboard and next thing he knew, was on his web browser. Somehow, his son managed to the letter "B" and enter during the whirlwind of keyboard pounding. At least, that's Andrew's story...

Now that we've stumbled upon, we want to find out who is responsible for the website. The opportunity has been available for a few years now and we are hoping the creative genius behind the website is one of our own. If it's you, please come forward so we can applaud your efforts.

Despite the suggestive name, don't expect to see any risque pictures on Right now, the website is essentially bare bone with the except of the picture I included here of a couple at what looks like a wedding. Maybe more pictures will be added in the future...

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legitimatebeef says:
Nate m'boy, this is probably the worst topic I've read of yours and that is saying something.
Kickntrue says:
@legit- in fairness, I sent the link to him. My 2 year old son somehow found it. Seriously. He was sitting on my lap smacking my computer, and i look up- and somehow the browser is on I swear... pretty much how it happened. I mean, it is a Friday... and things are slow. I think it's legit. I'm guessing an oober is behind it- which is part of the fun. Finding that oober.
Banker85 says:
wow i was hoping for some boobs
EloraBlue says:
I like it. Golf needs more boobs.
falcon50driver says:
Boobs...... The reason the internet was invented.
legitimatebeef says:
"It's friday, friday, getting down on friday, everybody's looking forward to the weekend. friday, friday..."
homermania says:
jpjeffery says:
Some dull, techie stuff about the registration:

"Domain Name:

Registrant Contact: Private Registrant
A Happy DreamHost Customer

Record created on 2010-06-08 08:09:34.
Record expires on 2012-06-08 08:09:34."

Apparently in California, although that's actually the location of the company handling the domain registration rather than the 'Private Registrant', so we're not really much the wiser.
mjaber says:
Is it just me, or does something not look right about the dress...
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