Man Dies in Golf Cart Accident
By mustang6560 on 8/5/11
A high school golf coach in Michigan died yesterday after his golf cart flipped and landed on top of him.
The coach of the Southfield High School boys golf team was killed early Thursday evening when his golf cart flipped and crushed him.

According to the Oakland County Sheriff's Department, Eric Ostdiek, 43, died as a result of the rollover that occurred at about 7 p.m. at the Copper Hills Golf Course and Country Club.
It's easy to watch a video like the Golf Cart Fail Compilation and laugh. Watching someone who is only as real as the monitor you're staring at acting a fool while avoiding serious injury is comical. It's the same reason infants and young children laugh at adults who bang their head or get kicked in the shin.

But in reality, the people are lucky they didn't get seriously hurt. Several of you commented in the Golf Cart Fail Compilation post about how you're surprised no one was seriously injured. If anyone still wonders why golf carts have built in governors to limit the maximum speed, it's to prevent more people from potentially killing themselves in golf cart related accidents.

In this particular incident, it seems like the coach was terribly unlucky. From the reports I've read, it doesn't seem like he was trying to be silly or acting a fool. Please be safe on the golf course this weekend.

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photo by nicolitta

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falcon50driver says:
I was kinda wondering why you posted the cart foolishness. You know there'll be people, who aren't smart enough to think of doing those stunts, who are now going to try it. Then again, it might be a good thing, a few less morons in the gene pool.
guzzlingil says:
damn shame......
homermania says:
No problem laughing at idiots on film, but this serves as a somber reminder of what can happen.
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