Pat Perez Needs Your Help
By mustang6560 on 8/8/11
Attention Twittersphere: PGA Tour player Pat Perez needs your help. After a disappointing finish at the Reno-Tahoe Open, Pat snubbed the one person in attendance who wanted his autograph - a little boy. Now, he's using Twitter to try and right his wrong.
He tweeted, "Someone please help me find that kid!! Got something big for him. Thanks. Start the search in Reno
Pat was tied with eventual winner Scott Piercy until he bogeyed the 71st hole (did someone say choke?). He was understandably upset because he let one slip away by the skin of his teeth. Pat has been on the PGA Tour since the late 90s and only has one victory to his name so I can only imagine how frustrating it is to watch your second victory disappear right before your eyes.

I must applaud Pat for immediately recognizing his error and swiftly trying to correct his self-described "dick move". Hopefully he finds the kid because I want to know what is "something big". In realty, had Pat snubbed an adult, this would be a non-story. Professional athletes snub fans all the time. But, this one particular fan was a young kid who isn't old enough to understand how to handle rejection.

Pat Perez on Twitter


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guzzlingil says:
I saw it live...and nice to see he wants to correct his mistake....
dottomm says:
Yea. I was thinking "What A DICK". The kid kinda looked amused like he was laughing at Pats' tantrum.
guzzlingil says:
I swear the kid was offering him a bottled water.....I guess I was seeing things....
kamchief says:
Yes "guzzlingil" it was a bottle of water the kid offered to Pat because he had just thrown his to the ground before going under the rope. After Pat walked by the kid without even looking at him, the kid gave a quick "mock cry" and but then gave a quick smile as he turned and walked away. Yeah it was still kind of a 'dick move', but nothing over the top for a pro athlete and I really don't think the kid will be "mentally scared" from this incident. By the way, the video can still be found on the web even though the PGA has ordered it removed from a bunch of sites.
Banker85 says:
@kamchief: give us a link then. i couldn't find it anywhere
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