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Pat Perez: "Found the boy!!"
By mustang6560 on 8/10/11
Pat Perez tweeted yesterday that he was finally able to get in touch with the father of the young boy he snubbed during a temper tantrum after losing in the Reno-Tahoe Open.
Alright. Found the boy!! Talked to his father. Great guy. We talked about the situation. Apologized to him and son. Getting gift together
I still want to know what the "gift" is. Pat, if you're reading, please let your fan(s) know what you are planning to give to the young boy to make up for your antics. A signed golf ball? A signed visor? A new car? What is it!?!

The PGA Tour fined Pat for his post round temper tantrum, which was the catalyst for this whole ordeal. Luckily though, he earned a cool $324,000 for his second place finish so even a fine of $10k is only a small hit to his pocket book. I'm only speculating the amount of the fine because the PGA Tour doesn't release any information about fines.

Pat Perez on Twitter


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Banker85 says:
Anyone find a link to the video of his temper tantrum?
birdieXris says:
i don't know if i want to know what the gift is, or even if he shouldve said that there was a gift involved. We'd all like to think that everyone out there is as civil and gentlemanly as possible, but you know this may bring out a whole new string of people that try to get players to give them gifts for whatever reason. "oh he snubbed me", "he didn't sign this for my kid", i can see it now. I hope i'm wrong though, and i'm glad he manned up and found the kid.
mustang6560 says:
All the videos have been pulled down due to "copyright" infringement. Lame. Our only hope is someone still has the finish on their DVR...
mjaber says:
@birdieXris is right. "The snub" could spin out of control, just like the "Marine Corps Ball Invite" did. Once was fun. The fact that she agreed was just awesome. The imitators and bandwagon jumpers just got out of control.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
That's cool. I'd like to know what the "gift" is too. I agree with bX on people coming out of the woodwork trying to get gifts from players. Hope you're wrong too.
bobhooe says:
My Uncle was supposed to be in a commercial with Tiger Woods as his caddie right after the US Open that he won with the broken leg. I want to say it was for master card or something. So first shoot Tiger is in the rough hitting back into the fairway and nails one off the boom mic and it comes right back and hits my uncle right between the eyes breaking his nose. My Uncle gets rushed to the emergency room and receives a golf glove and a leather bound book signed by Tiger. He was out of work for over a month. So I wouldn’t expect too much from these guys
thetalentedmrripley says:
Pat Perez acted like a total baby but owes this kid absolutely nothing. As for your uncle; Tiger meant to hit the ball off of the boom mic and hit him in the nose. I wonder what he did to make Tiger so upset. Tiger should have given him a Buick.
guzzlingil says:
Out of work for a month....for a broken nose.......??
falcon50driver says:
My buddy caught a line drive square in the face on the 4th hole of a tournament. (I saw it when it happened) He FINISHED the tournament while holding a towel with ice on his face between shots. After the tournament he went to the hospital and the x-ray showed a fractured cheek bone and broken nose. He missed NO work.
Kurt the Knife says:
"He was out of work for over a month"
career Brown Noser?
bobhooe says:
He makes his living as an actor. Mostly doing commercials and some modeling for the big and tall stores. His mug is his meal ticket and a black blue and green shnoze didn't get him to many gigs. The thing that pissed him off is that Tiger didn't come over to see how he was he just looked like ohh well are we done yet.
Kurt the Knife says:
dint think of that one.

Champion skins game Pro-am one cat in Mark O'Meara's group nailed this dude in the riight eye standing near me. Gotta say Mark guided the amateur thru what you try to do when that happens. He accompanied the offending player over to the scene (was pretty bloody) and talked with the injured until we contacted EMS n such. Surveyed the damage, apologized profusely, got the guy's contact info ,Told the a story about getting hit himself and gave him a signed golf ball and signed the fella's souvenir flag.

not enough IMHO but what more can u do? i gotta think about that one.
bobhooe says:
Yea it would have been much cooler if Tiger came over himself and apologized. I mean I know shit happens sometimes but man up and make the dude feel like you at least pretend to give a rats ass. My uncle didn't want anything but a verbal "hey sorry about that" or whatever but Tigers goons rushed him out of the way and he never saw him again. Kind of weak if you ask me.
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