PGA Championship Live Coverage
By mustang6560 on 8/10/11
The start of the 93rd PGA Championship at the Atlanta Atheltic Club is less than 20 hours away so it's time to start planning how you're going to watch all the action.

Live coverage will be available on TV through TNT and CBS, online through and on your iPhone through the PGA Championship iPhone app (not available on Android). No matter how you take your live coverage, you have plenty of viewing options.

Live Television Coverage

Thursday: TNT, 1-7 PM ET

Friday: TNT, 1-7 PM ET

Saturday: TNT, 11 AM-2 PM ET - CBS, 2-7 PM ET

Sunday: TNT, 11 AM-2 PM ET - CBS, 2-7 PM ET

Live Online Streaming

Thursday:, starting at 8 AM ET

Friday:, starting at 8 AM ET

Saturday:, starting at 10 AM ET

Sunday:, starting at 10 AM ET

Live Mobile Coverage

All Four Rounds: PGA Championship iPhone App (download here)

With the PGA Championship iPhone App, you can watch every shot of the day's Marquee Group and watch the entire field play through the Atlanta Athletic Club' four Par 3 holes Thursday through Sunday, all for free.

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[ comments ]
mjaber says:
Dammit... Why is there an iPhone app but no Android app?
mustang6560 says:
Because Apple controls the world...

I searched the Android Market, but didn't find one...
birdieXris says:
apple does control the world. Except for my world. I switched to android. :)
bobhooe says:
the apple app did'nt stream for me for the Open Championship so don't feel bad it probably won't work anyway.
Banker85 says:
next year i am taking my vacations around the majors. sucks watching it at work. but it is better then working at work.
mjaber says:
@bobhooe... the Android app streamed for me for the Open Championship
mmontisano says:
the PGA is the ONLY one that makes you pay for their app....cheapskates. the apps for The Open, US Open and Masters are all free.
mustang6560 says:
@badcaddy- You sure you downloaded the right app? Mine was free...
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