Boo Weekley Takes "Good-Guy" Penalty
By Kickntrue on 3/17/07
I'm Embarassed for They headlined this story with "Boo makes boo-boo." ESPN has become SO lame.

Anyway- Boo Weekley has made news again at this weekend's Arnold Palmer Classic. In the midst of a great round, he pulled the flag while his playing partner made a chip that was going into the hole. Weekley said he ran towards the pin and pulled it becasue he knew it was a 2 stoke penalty if the ball hit the pin. What he didn't know was that his move would cost him a penalty instead.

Weekley's playing partner Tom Johnson felt terrible about the incident. It was his fault that he didn't tell his own caddy to tend the pin. He said it was a great act of sportsmanship by Weekley but had to admit to rules officials that he didn't authorize Weekley to tend the pin, hence the penalty.

I love golf, but there are some stupid rules.

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