WADA Adds Nicotine To Monitoring List
By mustang6560 on 9/21/11
The World Anti-Doping Agency is considering a ban on nicotine after its research lab in Switzerland published the results of a year long study. The Lausanne-based lab cited "alarming evidence" that nicotine provides performance enhancing benefits to athletes.

The report states "nicotine also triggers a significant increase of pulse rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and epinephrine release owing to simultaneous stimulant and relaxant properties". In response to the report, WADA officially added nicotine to its 2012 monitoring list so more evidence can be collected. The PGA Tour said it would consider a ban on nicotine IF it was put on the list of banned substances by WADA.
“If WADA put nicotine on its anti-doping list, the PGA Tour would review the addition and determine if it warranted inclusion on the current PGA Tour banned list,” said Ty Votaw, the Tour’s executive vice president of communications and international affairs. “However, we do not believe that such a change in imminent.”
Can you imagine the players reaction if the PGA Tour adopted a ban on nicotine? Since the PGA Tour started testing for PEDs in 2008, it has adopted the vast majority of the banned substances listed by WADA. But, I have a hard time believing the PGA Tour would ban nicotine even if WADA decides the evidence is compelling enough to ban the drug. Too many players would be up in arms over the decision--and rightly so!

We have a ways to go before WADA or the PGA Tour bans nicotine (and it may never happen), but if it does happen, the stock of the company that manufacturers David Sunflower Seeds would skyrocket! You're welcome for the investing tip!

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photo by Justin Shearer

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mmontisano says:
i always liked the quote from El Pato (Angel Cabrera) when he won the US Open at Oakmont...

"Well, there are some players that have psychologists, some have sportologists, I smoke."
Matt F says:
I gave up smoking, but I still like to have a stogie when I play. Can't say it's been of any great benefit!
Scott Shields says:
I'm not a heavy smoker, (about a pack per week), but when I golf I do enjoy a couple. For me its part of golf, a smoke / stogie ... good friends, and fall golf. Best time of year. I love it.
homermania says:
Robert Garrigus heard this and was like, "Noooo! Oh, wait, cigarettes? Nevermind."
tcjonny says:
the amount of players on tour who smoke is quite a bit higher than you'd think
wrhall02 says:
You are right @tcjonny...while reading the article I thought there were very few and was thinking nicotine ban will be a non issue and effect just a couple of players (Daly, Clarke, Woosman). Google revealed there are many more than I thought.

I am smoker, I feel it hurts my game more than it helps it...especially on hot humid days. I cannot wrap my mind around the notion that smoking helps athletes perform. Since science today is all about $$$ and is most often used to try to support a political agenda...I wonder...Is WADA getting funding from Philip Morris?
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