Nancy Pelosi Logo Golf Balls
By mustang6560 on 8/12/11
There was a rumor circulating the Internets earlier this week that House Speaker John Boehner was distributing golf balls with Nancy Pelosi's face stamped on them at a fundraiser.

Politico published the report, but Boehner's office denied it so Politico was forced to pull down the story, but not before conservative radio pundit Lars Larson picked up on it.

On his radio show, Lars asked his guest GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert if he thought Nancy Pelosi golf balls would add some "oomph" to his producers golf game, and naturally, Louis took the bait and responded along the party line.
I’ll bet you it’ll put a little extra oomph in it. No kidding, yeah. Well, I’ll have to check on that. I’ll have to see where we get those.
You gotta love political fodder!

I think politician logo golf balls would make great range balls. Think about it. You turn on Fox News or CNN (six of one, half a dozen of the other), and you hear [insert politician's name] talk about [insert issue] and it makes you mad. What do you do? Simple, you go down to the local driving range and pound some metal into [insert policitian's name] face. What great therapy!

My question to you is, if you were at Dick's or Golfsmith or wherever it is you buy your golf equipment, and you saw politician logo golf balls on sale, who's face would you want to hit? Would it be Nancy Pelosi? Maybe John Boehner? Or even President Obama?

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photo by shawncalhoun

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elhacker says:
All (Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Tea Partiers) suck! Tee them all up! The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites' Boy I tell ya no respect.
falcon50driver says:
When the politician was asked what he thought about the town he was visiting. He answered "It is a Unique place". I think the word Unique comes from the latin Uni meaning one, and equus meaning horse.
SpankyHam says:
I think it's great for any politician. Personally, I would love to smack Nancy Pelosi's face with a golf club. (Figuratively speaking of course Secret Service).
falcon50driver says:
You da man spankyham.
nytrumpet says:
I'd rather have Barry Balls to tee up.
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