The Next Rory McIlroy?
By mustang6560 on 8/15/11
Since the golfing world loves to draw player to player parallels - [insert name] is the next Tiger Woods - I thought I'd throw a new one at you after what we saw Sunday at the PGA Championship.

Jason Dufner is the next Rory McIlroy.

Jason's performance at the PGA Championship matched Rory's at the Masters in few ways. First, Jason looked like a heavier version of Rory with the hair popping out of his hat every which way. Second, both players were sitting on a lead heading down the stretch Sunday and both players managed to let it slip away in the end (arguably by choking). Now, all Jason has to do is win the next major he plays in and he'll be the next Rors.

Piece of cake, right?

Jason said after the tournament he learned a lot from the experience and he refuses to let the outcome define his career.
“Coming from where I came from, to be in this position, it’s a dream come true,” Dufner said. "I could have never imagined playing in major championships. I’m not going to let this define my career.”
I hope Jason can respond from his collapse at the PGA like Rory did at the Masters. But, the numbers don't support it. He is 34-years-old and has never won on the PGA Tour. He has the talent to win on tour, now it's just a matter of attitude.

His second place finish yesterday may be as close as he ever gets to a major trophy, but I don't think he'll mind too much. Over the last three years, he's earned over $6 million on tour. He might have lost the PGA, but things could be worse...

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photo by Keith Allison

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falcon50driver says:
Yeah, things could be worse, people could be saying about him, Wow! he could be the next tiger woods!, not something I'd wish on anybody. And yeah, he looks like McElroy after a few pizzas.
legitimatebeef says:
Yesterday I had the thought that if Rory and Tim Clark had a child, he might grow up to look like Dufner. But I was really rooting for Dufner yesterday. Until the last few holes was swinging it really well.
Banker85 says:
McIlroy. Who wouldnt want to be the next Tiger Woods. Incredible wealth, fame, 14 major championships, possibly the best golfer to play the game. You can wish that on me. I dont like the compairison. The only thing they have in common is the hair. Jason didn't lead the tournament 3 days like Rors and he blew the lead late in the day were Rors started his on the back 9.
TeT says:
We know what Duffner is, he's been around and unless this is a sign that he has redefined his game he will stay in his mold. This is by far his best year, but 08' was better than 10' for him and 09' was worse than 08' & 10'. Hes good for a handful of top tens every year and about 750K to 1M.

Not a bad category to be locked into...
dottomm says:
Choked? I though he was golfing?
homermania says:
Banker85 is the next legitimatebeef.
Kickntrue says:
I hope when I'm 35 someone decides I'm "the next whatever..." and that ends up being a 22 year old. That'd be sweet!
JimmerSD says:
No choke there. The whole track was impossible and the last four holes were Hells Kitchen. I resent the way that the announcers cheered the guy who was emotive and animated because he made for good TV, while they jeered Jason because he was on cruise control. As it we all know, it takes strictly regulated emotions to perform in the stretch. But that would be bad TV.
daytripper says:
Wow!His kind of demeanor on the course has really calmed me down, playing a bit better, hopefully keep it up for improved playing.
erickbelus says:
For the record, every golfer who plays well in a major and wins or loses isn't always the next ____. From what I hear about the guy, he is what he is. A real down to earth guy scratching out a heck of a living playing golf.
bobhooe says:
This is like saying Im the next Justin Beber
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