Tiger Woods Needs More Action
By mustang6560 on 8/15/11
Tiger Woods' PGA Tour season is over and he isn't scheduled to play again until the Australian Open in November.

What should Tiger Woods do with all his free time? Well, if you asked Tim Rosaforte, he should play in the minor leagues until then.
But instead of going into hiding until the Australian Open in November, instead of working it out on the range, instead of studying the images in Foley's video camera, Woods needs to play more. He needs more reps. And quite honestly, he shouldn't need appearance fees to get them.

. . .

Now, having failed to qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs, there is no better time for Woods to retrace his steps, to take a step back to go forward, to stress his swing in tournament conditions, to get his mind right.
I couldn't agree more.

Not only would Tiger benefit from the extra reps, but the PGA Tour or the Nationwide Tour would benefit from the extra attention. Think how much better the Fall Series would be if Tiger showed up to play the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open (what a terrible name) or the McGladery Classic. Or better yet, he could go play with the true B-listers on the Nationwide Tour at the Albertsons Boise Open or the Soboba Golf Classic. Either way, Tiger should definitely practice less and play more to get ready for next year.

Tiger, if you need a playing partner, I'll be happy to oblige. You know how to find me...

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photo by Keith Allison

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birdieXris says:
Funny because i turned to Marie while we were watching the PGA this weekend. They said "when tiger's done he'll have 1/2 hour to declare wether he's playing next week". The first thing i said is "god i hope he decides to play. He needs tournaments, not range balls". Of course, he didn't commit, but glad to hear there are some "learned" people in the golfing world that are with me. Sure tiger is the guy who won't enter unless he can win, but the stress isn't the same when you're not playing. Screw it, enter, bed down with Foley on the range all week and during the practice rounds, then play. Suck if you must, but get the competitive reps in. If you miss the cut, then get with Foley again. Stupid i say. If he makes the cut then he can keep going. if he misses he's no worse off.
nickmomrik says:
Can a PGA Tour member play in a Nationwide event?
bkuehn1952 says:
Hell, play in Europe. He has his own jet so it is not like it would be inconvenient. I would have to think the sponsors would fall all over themselves to have him in the field, damaged goods or not.
srogers13 says:
I do find the whole Tiger has to play next week from all the talking heads kind of warped, since they also say he needs to make sure his personal life is in order. Before the PGA (and I believe even before Firestone,) Tiger said he would not play this week because he had family obligations with his kids. So he flames out, keeps his obligations with his kids, but everyone says he needs to play more, play now. Other than committing to the Aussie Open, he has not made any other commitments, or denials (other than obviously not playing in the FedEx Cup.) Bravo for him for keeping his plans with his kids.
bducharm says:
When I read this headline, I was wondering what the article would be about!!! However, I agree. He should play anywhere and everywhere!
Swingem says:
Hooters tour, its a perfect fit.
falcon50driver says:
Tiger tiger tiger tiger. Wasn't there some kind of tournament this past weekend? Yeah that tiger guy wasn't good enough to even make the cut. Maybe we'd like to hear something about the guy who WON the dang thing.
Pappybro says:
He could spend most of the rest of the year playing in Europe, Arabia, or Asia. He'd get both practice and (likely more important) appearance money.
tcjonny says:
I'm gonna be at the monday qually for the Soboba! and yes PGA Tour members can play in Nationwide events. I donno if he'll try to play in a nationwide event though, although i think we'll certainly see an expanded schedule from him going into the fall classic and beginning next year. He might even play in Hawaii or the Hope.
brian575 says:
Imagine if he played a Nationwide event and suddenly became the old tiger again. I mean how funny would that be. I see the headline already "Tiger wins by 20 at The Albertson Open" shoots back to back 60's on the weekend.
legitimatebeef says:
Tiger would get absolutely hammered in the press and among golf "fans" if he were to ever show up at a nationwide event. It would be a complete circus like the golf world's never seen. Better to stay home, or better yet go to Asia where people might still have respect for his golf game.
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