No Augusta National For Me Next Year
By mustang6560 on 8/17/11
I received an email from The Masters last night saying they were "pleased" to announce the random selection for practice round tickets for the 2012 Masters was over and that I should login to see if I was one of the lucky few chosen. Despite my better judgement, I was temporarily hopeful that I could start planning my trip to Augusta, Georgia next spring.
Your application was not selected for 2012 Masters Practice Rounds tickets.
So I am officially zero for three for Masters' tickets.

Last summer, I applied for practice round tickets and was rejected. This year, The Masters expanded the random selection to include tournament tickets so I applied for both tournament round tickets AND practice round tickets and was rejected both times. I'm starting to think the members at Augusta National don't like me. Is it because I agreed if one of the majors should be dropped from the current format it should be The Masters?

How did everyone else do? Did you get rejected too?

photo by pocketwiley

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Kickntrue says:
I struck out as well.
Kurt the Knife says:
yeah, I learned that they single out folks they find unworthy.
Rocketballz says:
DENIED!!! I'm 0-5.
Jattruia says:
Yup, same here, not even a practice round...
RJs Dad says:
Struck out...
wrhall02 says:
They read about your hole in one behavior and have blacklisted you mustang!
mustang6560 says:
@wrh- what can I say, I'm a pinseeker!
kingwood hacker says:
no luck here either
mantajim says:
0-4 for practice rounds & 0-1 tournament rounds.
Did anyone you know get practice tickets?
wrhall02 says:

@mustang...I'm just envious of your HIO. Augusta seems impenetrable for the avg fan.
jeremyheslop says:
Now I feel like worse for having passed over tickets for '09 Could have had two Sat and Sun tickets.
HotBacon says:
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