Mr. Cub Takes On DJ At Wrigley
By Kickntrue on 9/13/11
Dustin Johnson and Cub Great Ernie Banks competed in a hole-in-one contest at Wrigley yesterday.
Chicago Cubs Hall-of-Famer Ernie Banks and PGA Tour Defending Champion Dustin Johnson faced off Monday morning for a hole-in-one tournament from the Wrigley Field stands to raise $100,000.

Players hit from a specially-designed tee box platform constructed in Wrigley's stands onto a designated green set up in left field. The first person to shoot a hole-in-one would have won a a $100,000 scholarship donated in their name to the Evans Scholars Foundation.

No one hit the winning shot. Johnson won the competition and hit the ball 25.2 feet away from the hole. For the effort, BMW donated a $10,000 scholarship in his name toward the Evans Scholars Foundation.
Hmmph. Johnson sucks! 25 Feet?! Freaking Ernie Banks hit it to 30, and he's about 120 years old. Of course- he did have home field advantage. Seriously though, this had to be pretty cool for all involved, specifically Johnson. Whether or not he's a Cubs fan or any fan of baseball, I'm sure he was in awe in the presence of Ernie Banks. I probably wouldn't be able to swing a club either.

But yah, let's not forget the clear takeaway from this story here; Dustin Johnson hates kids. He couldn't even win them $100,000.

Sadly, the (inevitable) video of the event hasn't made it online yet- so you'll have to do with some pictures.

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photo by notmargaret

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homermania says:
Wouldn't it be more fun to hit pitching wedge homers from home plate?
Kickntrue says:
@homer- would be fun- but balls already go flying out of that joint all the time during games. I'm not sure Waveland is quite prepared for raining golf balls in the middle of the day. haha.
homermania says:
Oh, right. Other people.
Kickntrue says:
We should make shirts, "Other People... Ruin Everything"
Banker85 says:
Maybe DJ was trying to let Ernie win? If they only got one shot each that is lame.
mjaber says:
I remember watching an episode of "The Big Break" where they were hitting bermuda balls out of a baseball field. The announcers said hitting the bermuda ball out was the equivalent of a 300 yard drive.

A better competition would have been DJ hitting bermuda balls with a 3-wood, and Ernie hitting regular golf balls off a tee with an aluminum Easton.
falcon50driver says:
I saw a tee shirt that had this advertisement:
"We screw the other guy,
and pass the savings on to you"
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