By Kickntrue on 3/20/07
A couple weeks ago I mentioned Golf Blog Survivor and that I was going to take part. Well week 1 is in the books and I need you to vote for me. I used the secret word- schadenfreude here and quite frankly- I think it's the best. Check out the other contestants- and leave a comment voting for me! (WorldGolf.com)

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golfgirl says:
I don't think yours is the best...in fact, it's very immature to throw your clubs young man, and you should be punished for it, not rewarded. Frankly, I think mine was the best, unfortunately, It seems I might have alienated the entire state of FL with it.
klangdon says:
I am just curious, how many of the other players shamelessly posted a blog instructing readers to go vote for them?

Regardless, I do think you had the best usage...
DeepRough says:
then when you're done, you can vote for me too ;)
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