The Floppy Review
By klangdon on 3/28/07
From the company- "The Floppy is a soft and pliable practice golf ball designed for use indoors. The unique design of The Floppy mimics the feel and action of a real golf ball. The softness allows you to practice your short game indoors."

Here is my review. How do you think it stood up to a rainy weekend's worth of hacking in my basement? Very Well!

The Floppy comes packaged in a sleeve of 3 which adds a nice marketing feel for the game improvement ball. It looks a lot sharper than wiffle and other practice balls that usually just come in bags.

The ball itself looks like a golf ball with the exception of the wording on the ball itself. "The Floppy" is on the ball- in big bold lettering that looks a little sloppy/homemade (it's not quite as clean as it looks on the box). The design also features a "-1-" in an effort to make it look like a real ball would. It's a fine thing to do- but because the lettering is so big and bulky, I'm personally not sure it adds anything. That said- it doesn't take away from the ball or its true purpose either, so it's no big deal.

When I first touched the Floppy- I wasn't sure what to expect exactly. Once you get it in your hands- you realize it's a pretty cool thing. The best way to describe it is as a hackey sack, but with a thin spherical layer under the cover to give it structure. If you are just holding the ball, it keeps its round shape, but any significant pressure breaks it down into a moldable object almost like those stress-relief balls.

The feel of The Floppy on the club and while hitting is good- though I'd hesitate to call it a "real-ball" experience. Because it is "floppy" it doesn't give you a good sound or feedback off the clubface. That doesn't mean it's not working.

Does It Work?
The beauty of The Floppy is how it comes off the club face. While you won't hear or feel the soft click you get with a real ball when working around the green, you do get good trajectory and spin control. I'm not sure it flies as high as a real ball would, but you are in your house- so that's probably a good thing. I did have some problems initially making the flop shot happen, though as my buddy DeepRough pointed out, that was just because I suck at the flop shot in general (jerk).

I played with my Floppy on two different carpets both having medium pile. If you have a very thin carpet you may have trouble with both The Floppy and the state of your flooring afterwards. The other advantage is that it's soft enough that you shouldn't break too much stuff in your house. While I wouldn't take a shot into the fine china cabinet you can give it a pretty good whack and be okay in a basement or rec room. I have a high ceiling in on of my rooms and took a couple full swings into the wall. Both the ball and the wall seemed to be just fine afterwards.

Despite the weather getting nicer across the US (this MUST sell better in the winter) I would still recommend getting a sleeve of Floppys. The Floppy won't change your life- or your game for that matter but it does help keep you fresh and adds a little excitement indoors. $13 bucks will get you 3 Floppys INCLUDING shipping, so you can hardly go wrong.

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