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Last Night
By Kickntrue on 3/23/07
The reason my posts have been a little slower the last two days is because I've been out of town for a wedding. One of my best buddies and getting married on Saturday so I headed up a little early for a GuysNightOut/Bachelor Party. The highlight of the night was being offered a winner take all golf match for $7500 bucks by a guy in the bar.

Here's how it happened...

There are six of us sitting at a table just hanging out- I'm wearing my oobgolf hat and I see this guy at the bar with a Callaway Golf hat. Always looking for a chance to market, I call him over and start to talk to him about oob. What I was also trying to do was find out if there were any golf courses in the area open today because the snow is just melting (in Upper Pennsylvania) and I thought getting on a course would be tough. He gives me the name of a course- asks if I really own a golf company and walks away.

A minute later he comes back over the table and hands me his card, with him number. He says "If you end up playing tomorrow, give me a call," and he's gone. That's right, I was at a bachelor party and got a GUY'S number!

Five minutes later, his wife comes over, late twenties maybe early thirties, and says she wants to broker a deal. She inquires some more about oob and assumes if I work on a golf site I clearly have money to blow (bad assumption) and says she wants to play her husband for $7500. She then brags about him being a scratch golfer and how he'd love a chance to play me.

Just a side note to anyone who ever wants to play for money. You should always find out the skill level of the person you are playing before you brag about how good you are. Another assumption was made- the one where if I work on a golf site- I must be GOOD at golf. Anyone who has seen MyGame knows this is not the case.

Anyway- back to the story. So I finally convince this guy that I'm not a good golfer and get him to where he offers me 20 stokes. Now things are a bit more interesting. I'll give him credit here, the fact that he took my word- in a bar and offered me 20 strokes was commendable, but there was still no way I could comfortably do this if he's really a scratch golfer. Not for $7500 bucks. BUT- we had an ace up our sleeve.

Bob- a guy in the wedding party with me, is about a 7 handicap. While he doesn't look much like me, we tried the old switcheroo. I gave him the oobgolf hat- and had him call the guy back over. Bob says- you're on and tries to set the time in place. Without going into too many details, the guy's not buying it and the whole thing falls through.

Nearly an epic event to top off a great night. Nonetheless, it was fun, and certainly funny. Plus- it gave me some great fodder for a blog entry.

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